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From the New World

Born into a world 1000 years in our future, Saki and her friends live in utopia. Not only is their idyllic community overflowing with resources, but technology is obsolete, thanks to a magical power that grants the ability to materialize anything. But when Saki discovers a lost artifact, the façade is shattered! Faced with a startling truth about their town, Saki and her companions face dangers they never knew existed, and their choices may change the fate of everyone! Yusuke Kishi’s award winning novel becomes an animated series as five teens fight to survive the revelations that come FROM THE NEW WORLD!

Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Horror Mystery Sci-Fi

Episodes (25)

Episode 1: The Season of New Leaves

Saki is the last of her friends to be touched by a Blessing Spirit.

Episode 2: The Vanishing Children

Another student is removed from the roster. Saki uses her power outside of class.

Episode 3: The False Minoshiro

The group has rowed past their designated safe areas in search of monsters. What they find is worse than what they originally imagined.

Episode 4: Bloody History

As the library continues to explain the history of the world, danger lurks nearby.

Episode 5: Pursuit on a Hot Night

Satoru and Saki have been split up from the rest of the group and captured by the outside Monster Rat group.

Episode 6: Escape

Saki has figured out a way to help her and Satoru to escape, but in their escape they are thrown deeper in the war between the clans.

Episode 7: Summer Darkness

Satoru's power is waning, as the Earth Spider Colony army is much larger than expected. When all seems lost, help comes from an ally that could be much more dangerous.

Episode 8: Omen

Two years have passed since the camping incident, and the relationship between the friends have changed dramatically.

Episode 9: The Raising Wind

Saki and friends are looking for Shun but hit road blocks everywhere they turn. After dinner, Saki remembers a name from the past, and Maria flies in with some big news.

Episode 10: More Than Darkness

Saki has found Shun; he has changed dramatically and asks Saki to leave. Her refusal breaks him down and he explains everything.

Episode 11: Distant Thunder in Winter

Saki fears the Ethics Committee is gas-lighting her and her classmates. But when Mamoru has a breakdown, Saki is asked to quit looking for answers.

Episode 12: Weak Link

When Saki has a sit down with the head of the Ethics Committee, she learns about another side to the town's history.

Episode 13: Reunion

When Mamoru runs away, his friends do what any good friends do: they try to find him. But on their search, they soon discover that they aren't the only people tracking him.

Episode 14: Snowflakes

Sake is ushered into a meeting with the Education Committee and is now at the mercy of adults who know all her secrets...

Episode 15: Afterimage

Maria and Mamoru are invited to the new colony by an old friend, but once they arrive they see that things have drastically changed.

Episode 16: To My Beloved Saki

Maria leaves Saki with only a letter to explain why. Saki is up against terrible odds: the disappearance of her friends, the fact that her memory may be erased again, and the monster rights might not be on the side of the gods after all!

Episode 17: Footsteps of Destruction

Years have gone by, and Saki and Satoru have parted ways. However, new developments within the monster community will bring them back together soon enough.

Episode 18: Scarlet Flower

Many events act as catalysts in an impending war.

Episode 19: Darkness

While searching for survivors in the hospital, Saki, Satoru, and the others stumble upon Yakomaru's secret.

Episode 20: A Cold and Sunlit Place

Barely managing to escape an attack by the Fiend, Saki and Satoru rush to warn the townspeople, but they run into more trouble along the way.

Episode 21: The Fire that Destroys the World

When Saki and Sataru arrive at the Temple of Purification, they see the full picture of Yakomru's plan. Meanwhile, Niimi works to fulfill Tomiko's last order.

Episode 22: Tokyo

Saki receives a gift from her mother, followed by one final request.

Episode 23: The Face of the Boy

Kiroumaru suggests that the group split up to better avoid those pursuing them.

Episode 24: Torchlight in the Darkness

Things become increasingly more complicated after Inui faces the ultimate fate, Kiroumaru is suspected of being a traitor, and Saki has second thoughts about killing the ogre.

Episode 25: From the New World

After all the scores are settled, ten years go by. Saki and Satoru hope for a better world.


Episode 26 (2 min)


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