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Flowers of Evil

Darkness lurks everywhere, in every human heart, and sometimes it takes just a second of weakness for it to take root. For Takao Kasuga, that germination begins when his obsession with classmate Nanako meets the opportunity to “borrow” her gym clothes. Unfortunately, his act of laundry theft is witnessed by Nakamura, the strange girl who sits behind him in class. Just what are Nakamura’s ultimate plans, and will the increasingly trapped Takao really be willing to carry them out?

Drama Mature Romance

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Episode 1 of 13

Takao is a shy and somewhat introverted teen living out his life deep within the works of literary masters.  A chance encounter with the enigmatic Nakamura puts him in a unique predicament, one that there is little escape from.

Episode 2: Episode 2 of 13

With Nakamura privvy to Takao's theft of Saki's gym clothes, he is left with little recourse but to accept to abide by Nakamura's "contract".

Episode 3: Episode 3 of 13

The discovery of Saeiki's gym clothes theft causes Kasuga to panic.  As he and Nakamura begin spending more time together, he fears that she will out him as the culprit.

Episode 4: Episode 4 of 13

Kasuga has somehow gotten Saeki, the girl of his dreams, to agree to go on a date.  Still in his joyful haze, Nakamura semands to meet with him about his date.

Episode 5: Episode 5 of 13

Kasuga's wish has come true, he is on a date with his dream girl Saeki. There's just one thing: Nakamura has forced him to wear Saeki's stolen gym clothes underneath his own.

Episode 6: Episode 6 of 13

After the disastrous end of Kasuga's date with Saeki, she is inexplicably absent from class. Kasuga decides to come clean, but Nakamura isn't done playing yet.

Episode 7: Episode 7 of 13

Kasuga is intent on ending the charade and confessing his sins to Saeki. Nakamura invites him out after dark, where they make their way to the school to confront their demons.

Episode 8: Episode 8 of 13

After laying waste to their classroom, Nakamura and Kasuga walk away hand in hand, each contemplating their actions...and the repercussions to come.

Episode 9: Episode 9 of 13

Kasuga's world is falling apart around him, and he's fallen into a near catatonic state. Saeki appears a this window, wondering why he did what he did and demanding answers.

Episode 10: Episode 10 of 13

Kasuga and Nakamura escape into a rain filled night, determined to get to the other side. Saeki goes out in search of them, only for Kasuga to reveal his true self to both girls.

Episode 11: Episode 11 of 13

Kasuga is lost withim himself with sadness.  The two women in his life have abandoned him, and the road ahead seems bleek and uninviting.

Episode 12: Episode 12 of 13

Determined to right his wrongs, Kasuga sets out to prove himself to Nakamura, and accompany her down the twisted path she walks.

Episode 13: Episode 13 of 13

With the turn of his wrist, Kasuga enters Nakamura's private world, getting more than he bargained for in the process. Together, they prepare for what lies ahead.


Episode 14 (1 min)


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