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Fate / Kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Illyaviel von Einzbern seems like a normal school girl, but all that changes when a magic wand named Ruby decides that young Illya is the perfect choice to be her new “master”. Illya can use Ruby to gain phenomenal magical powers, but she soon discovers that the wand’s previous owner won’t give it up without a fight!

Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Shoujo Supernatural

Episodes (10)

Episode 1: Birth! A Magical Girl!

An ordinary girl is surprised by an offer from a flying stick to become a MAGICAL girl. The stick's previous owner is not amused.

Episode 2: Who

Illya learns more about her role as a Magical Girl. The difficult Rider Card is the first real test of her powers.

Episode 3: Girl Meets Girl

The mysterious girl turns out to be Miyu, new transfer student and by far superior to Illya in every way. Ruby explains why they're after Class Cards.

Episode 4: We Lost

Illya and Miyu learn how to fly, each in their own way. Later, they face off against The Caster, while a new enemy awaits.

Episode 5: There are two options?

Illya and Miyu face off against a corrupted Saber that seems unbeatable. Ruby and Saphire try a last resort option.

Episode 6: A Blank, and the End of Night…

Saber Alter lives! Illya and Miyu are left alone to finish off their toughest opponent yet, but Illya has had enough.

Episode 7: Victory and Flight

Illya and Miyu's friendship grows stronger after Illya becomes ill. One wrong move, however, can change everything…

Episode 8: I'm Going to Be a Normal Girl Again!

Illya's had enough of the magical girl life, and will attempt to live a normally, even with one card left to capture.

Episode 9: I'll End It Here!

With Illya out of the fray, Miyu attempts to take down The Berserker on her own. Illya's mother comes home and has a meaningful conversation with Illya.

Episode 10: Kaleidoscope

As Illya and Miyu reunite, the Berserker continues its barrage of attacks. Can anything bring it down? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Season 1!

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