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Fate / Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei!

Illya and Miyu are back for more magical girl action as they set out to stabilize the energy disruption caused by the Class Cards. But what starts out as a seemingly simple assignment quickly goes awry when Illya is suddenly split into two. Now, Illya’s dark counterpart is out for her life, and as the girls struggle to capture her, a new enemy appears to steal the Class Cards- and she means business!

Episodes (10)

Episode 1: Illya Grow Up?!

With the Class Cards all captured, Illya and Miyu commence their normal lives. Later, their beach trip is put on hold as Rin and Luvia appear with a new assignment.

Episode 2: Illya x Illya

"Kuro" Illya is hell bent on destroying Illya at all costs. Rin and Luvie formulate a plan of attack using a depowered Illya as bait.

Episode 3: Normal Life Breaker

Kuro's wish to destroy Illya prompts Rin to create a blood seal between the two. Kuro's escape spells a world of trouble for Illya when Kuro begins kissing all her classmates.

Episode 4: Wild Transfer Student

It's Illya vs. Kuro in an all out game of dodgeball where the stakes are high and the power levels are even higher!

Episode 5: Well, In Other Words

Kuro Illya's intentions are laid bare after a bizarre confrontation at Luvia's luxurious mansion. Illya's words are used against her as her darker counterpart attempts to convince Miyu to turn to her side.

Episode 6: On the Other Side of Lies and Facade

Miyu and Kuro fail to come to a compromise, and a battle for Illya begins. Later, a familial figure returns and Illya finally finds out why Kuro is the way she is.

Episode 7: Clash! Cooking Sisters!

In order to win their older brother's affection, Kuro and Illya have a cook off at school, where their friends help, or in Illya's case, hinder each girl's plans. Later, a debate on who should be the "older sister" engulfs the entire family.

Episode 8: Her Name Is

While Kuro and Illya are enjoying their new camaraderie and life outside of capturing Class Card, a new opponent has slipped into town. First stop: Luvia's mansion.

Episode 9: Lone Battle

Bazett has gained the upper hand and her mission to retrieve the Class Cards is almost at an end. With Luvia and Rin's fates unknown, Illya and Kuro will need a miracle to stop their predecessor's rampage.

Episode 10: The Things Those Hands Protected

The combined strength of Illya, Miyu, Kuro, Rin and Luvia might not be enough to contain the raw power of Bazett. As the mansion crumbles around them, a trump card is played that could spell total victory or ultimate defeat.