TV-14 - TV Series
Familiar of Zero: Rondo of Princesses, The

The runes which bound Saito to his master, Louise the Zero, appear to have faded away. But will the fact that he is no longer contractually-obligated to be Louise's Familiar lead to the two of them getting more "familiar" now that they've tied a different kind of knot?

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Familiar’s Mark

Saito has somehow returned to the land of the living, but his runes have mysteriously faded away. Without his runes to bind him, Louise finds that Saito is no longer her familiar.

Episode 2: The Fairy of the Forest

Saito, Louisde and Agnes travel to Tiffania's village with Siesta in tow. While in the midst of their own misunderstandings, Sheffield appears and attacks!

Episode 3: Return of the Hero

While introducing herself to the Queen of Tristan, Tiffania reveals a secret that could get her in major trouble.

Episode 4: The Conspicuous New Student

Tiffania makes her debut at the Academy as a transfer student, causing a frenzy in the male population. Beatrice has something to say after Tiffania reveals her elven heritage...and it's not good.

Episode 5: The Alluring Girl’s Bath

Saito is ordered to sign a very incriminating confession paper, but he refuses. With Saito feeling down about the whole situation, his friends try to cheer him up by drilling a peephole to the girls' bath.

Episode 6: Forbidden Magic Powder

In order to win Saito's heart, Scarron and Jessica give Siesta a little liquid help in the form of a love potion! While trying to seduce poor Saito, the love potion falls into the wrong lap!

Episode 7: The Sleipnir Ball

The Slepnir Ball is a special dance where party goers disguise themselves as their ideal person using the Mirror of Truth. With Louise in disguise, will Saito be able to find her amongst the crowd?

Episode 8: Pursuit Aboard the Ostland

Colbert is alive and well and has constructed an airship called Ostland and invites everyone aboard. Louise, suspicious of things going on between Saito and Henrietta, gives chase, while Saito tries desperately to hide aboard the ship!

Episode 9: Tabitha’s Little Sister

A nude girl falls from the sky and introduces herself as Tabitha's younger sister.

Episode 10: Mountain Pass on the Border

Saito and company take refugee in the Charming Fairy Inn. A plan is created to use the Ostland to fly towards Germinia as a decoy, while everybody else goes across the Gallia border directly.

Episode 11: Captive in Alhambra

Using her talents at persuasion, Kirche discovers that Tabitha is being held in Al Hambra. Upon arriving there, the gang decide upon a plan of attack.

Episode 12: Wings of Freedom

Louise has a nightmare in which she loses the ability to cast magic. As things happen all around her, Louise begins to wonder if Saito's love for her is true at all.