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Familiar of Zero F, The (Season 4)

Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere is back, and along with her pet human Saito Chevalier de Hiraga, is poised to rid herself of the nickname countless have come to know her as: Zero. The Tristain Academy of Magic won't know what to do when this pair hit the halls, bringing with them all manners of supernatural silliness and misadventures that may engulf the entire school! Prepare to be mesmerized by the spellbinding romantic adventures of a hero/zero and her trusty human in The Familiar of Zero F!

Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Louise of the Holy Land

Queen Henrietta has ordered everyone to Romalia to meet the Pope, Saint Aegis the 32nd. Once everyone has gathered, he reveals a secret involving void mages and the fate of the world.

Episode 2: Aquileia's Shrine Maiden

King Joseph has developed a powerful weapon, but needs the help of a void mage to make it unstoppable.  Which of the three mages will become his unfortunate guinea pig?

Episode 3: The Incompetent King Gone Mad

King Joseph's new weapon uses Louise’s Explosion spell, making a powerful bomb.

Episode 4: The Queen's Reward

Louise and Saito are searching for their Mansion. Meanwhile, Tabitha receives the medicine that will heal her mother, and Queen Henrietta awards Saito an unexpected item.

Episode 5: The Maidens of De Ornierés

Saito and Louis receive an unannounced visitor who turns out to be Eleanor, Louise's sister. She strongly implies that Saito, and Louise by extension, is ruining the House of La Valliere.

Episode 6: Trouble at the Outdoor Bath

With the discovery of a hot spring on their property, Saito decides it's just the right time to have a hot springs party. However, an unforeseen guest appears and shocks the crowd.

Episode 7: Elves from the Desert

The elemental siblings have returned, catching Saito and Louise off guard. While the battle rages on, a group of very familiar elves have arrived and use the chaos to steal Tiffania away.

Episode 8: Escape Through the Sewer

With the Ostland flying at max power to the elven land, Saito and Tiffania are put before the council who will decide their fate. An unfortunate incident seals Kaito's fate. Will the Ostland make it in time or will war break out?

Episode 9: Tabitha's Coronation

The Ostland makes it to Reynald, where Tabitha has offered to fix the ship. She informs them that she is taking the crown. Louise becomes jealous as Saito spends more time with Tiffania.

Episode 10: The Awakening of Calamity

Saito, Louise, and Tiffania have been summoned to Romalia by the Pope. While at the rendezvous point to meet Julio, they witness a scene that will affect everyone’s future.

Episode 11: Louise's Choice

Julio and Saito's fight with the Ancient Dragon continues, and Saito still refuses to talk about his former partner. With the pain on his face evident, Louise must make her toughest decision so far.

Episode 12: Zero's Familiar

Saito becomes trapped in Japan while the fight with the Ancient Dragon rages on.  There's no telling if he'll even be able to return to Halkeginia, much less make it in time to help...

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