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Take a group of fan girls, toss out all social rules, and mix them in a basement, and what do you get? Besides a recipe for disaster, you get the Astronomy Club, where the wall between reality and fantasy shatters once every five minutes! As if things aren’t wild enough, throw in a manga fanatic who always ends up in her underwear, a maid on a mission, a ruthless arch-enemy, and a CAT as the faculty adviser! One thing’s certain: the Student Council will most definitely NOT approve of what happens when the Insane-O-Meter redlines in EBITEN!

Comedy Fantasy

Episodes (10)

Episode 1: The Legend of the Struggling Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club is in danger of shutting down unless they get more members, which is going to be a big problem thanks to Todayama Kyouko.

Episode 2: Crybaby Hakata’s Transformation of Splendor

Kanamori has been pushed too far and has mentally broken. Kyoko sets up a magical girl battle to snap her out of it.

Episode 3: Put Love Into It, Not Konpeito

A student from another school has “infiltrated” the club; Kyouko is sure she is an alien, but she might be something more surprising.

Episode 4: Stamp 2012

Todayama Izumiko reason for visiting her sister is vague, but the group doesn’t care. With the help of Oomari-sensei, she might become the first outsider to join the club.

Episode 5: This is the Agonizing Astronomy Club of Miracles! A Maid has Landed!

Her name is Elizabeth Margaret, and she has come for what is rightfully hers.

Episode 6: Aim for the Stars! The Girl that Dreams of Love

Once again the Astronomy Club is on the verge of being shut down. Ooba has invited Iseda out to experience the club once again.

Episode 7: Viva Astronomy

Kyouko hasn’t abandoned her goal of starting a band, but with five vocalists they will need more band mates. Trouble seems to be brewing with Itsuki’s constant headaches.

Episode 8: The Agonizing Astronomy Club's Special Endless Herb Pheromone

The pheromones are strong with Itsuki. When his true personality is released, his power is unmatched and almost unstoppable.

Episode 9: The Astronomy Club's Great Victory! Ready, Go Towards Tomorrow!!

Kyouko has pushed Itsuki to the limit and is forced to show them all his true ultimate power.

Episode 10: Beautiful Dreamers

The Agonizing Astronomy Club is getting ready for the school fair. Noya is back to normal, but what will become of Noya and Izumiko's relationship?


Episode 11 (2 min)


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