TV-14 [D, S, V] - TV Series

The Galaxy Federation Police (GFP) desperately wants to cover-up its personnel shortage with new mechanized power-suits. Suzuo, 19-years old, desperately needs a job. Tampopo needs an earthling to fit the prototype of her company's suit and declares Suzuo the perfect candidate! Strong competitors and the wacky A-class criminals fight against our hero in diapers, but they must not recognize each other out of costume or the test results will be a failure- but it's OK if they all live in the same apartment building to save money, right?

Action Adventure Comedy Mecha Sci-Fi

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Enter Dokkoida!

Suzuo has just arrived in the city and desperately needs a job, but it seems as if every place is going bankrupt.  In swoops a strange little girl with an interesting offer: Become a test subject for the new Toys of the World's Power Suit Dokkoida.  Will Suzuo become the superhero who can save the city from Dr. Marronflower & pay his rent at the same time? Even more important, can they all live in the same apartment complex without recognizing each other?

Episode 2: Purple Hair, How Hip Can Ya Get?

Things aren't going so well for the GFP.  Even with the new recruitment ads, they can't get past the bad press.  The new power suits may be their only hope. Chief Mogumokkuru orders for Dokkoida to be put to the test, unleashing Edelweiss and Hyacinth and initiating the Hardcore Criminal Double Attack! But there's some purple-haired competition: Emerald Company's Neruloid Girl.

Episode 3: Dokkoida vs. Edelweiss

The Umeki family has just moved into the complex, along with their daughter Ruri, who  is Edelweiss in disguise.   That evening Edelweiss sets her new gigantic clay monster loose on the city.  Neruloid Girl is first on the scene.  Will Dokkoida take her on to protect the innocent bystanders?

Episode 4: The Strange Neighbor, Sayuri

With all the strange noises coming from the complex, one would think it was haunted!  It's no ghost! It's the new neighbor, Sayuri.

Episode 5: More Bang for my buck: A higher allowance!

Suzuo is busting his backside trying to protect the city, but he's barely making ends meet.  When he finds out that the villains are getting paid a higher allowance than he is, Suzuo demands more money.

Episode 6: Cycling Contest For A Day At The Pool

The city has been hit by a heat wave, and it's too hot to fight. A new deluxe complex has a fantastic pool, but the entry free is ridiculous.  They put their money together and have only enough for one entry.

Episode 7: Kurika's Dream

The summer kimonos have arrived, and everyone is planning to go see the fireworks.  Kurisaburou/Marronflower has created a new device to read people's thoughts with hopes that he will learn Dokkoida's and Neruloid Girl's true identities.  Kurika tries to stop him, but gets damaged in the process.

Episode 8: Little Sister Love

A TV movie has some of the neighbors suspecting that something is going on between Suzuo and Kosuzu.  Kosuzu is confused, too, and worries that Suzuo may have impure feelings for her.  Kurisaburou isn't helping any with his advice based on dating simulations.

Episode 9: Some Like it Hot

A superstar, Marilyn Ronmoe, has gone missing and the GFP has tasked Tampopo and Dokkoida to find her.  Of course, she just wanted to take a break and shows up at Suzuo's apartment. After a tour of the city, Marilyn asks to be introduced to the neighbors.  Can they keep the identity of their galactic famous guest and Dokkoida a secret from the competition and criminals?

Episode 10: Mogumokkuru's Makeover

Chief Mogumokkuru is feeling the pressure from his superiors to improve public sentiment for the GFP.  The Inspector has decided to create a reality TV show centered on everyone living in the apartments and dispatches a crew and Mogumokkuru to earth.  Mogumokkuru poses as the apartment building manager as producer Takeda launches 'Cosmo's House 24/7'.

Episode 11: Cosmos House's Last Hour?

Summer is over and it would seem that trials to determine the best power suit were nothing more than a cover for the development of the Osabaki M5 as the ultimate weapon for the GFP.  The Dokkoida and Neruloid Girl teams now seem to be out of work, and the criminals will be re-arrested.  Even worse, Tampopo is ordered to erase Suzuo's memory of the trial.  It looks like it's the end until the Osabaki drones are hacked.

Episode 12: The Battle of Zealousness

Suzuo has his memory back and the alpha-waves of zealousness are on his side as he fights for Tampopo.  Lucky for him, there's TV in prison and Marronflower, Hyacinth, and Edelweiss come to their friend's aide.  Fighting together, not as criminals and test subjects, but as Cosmo's House residents, they take on the Osabaki M5s.

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