Di Gi Charat Winter Garden

Sure... They don't wear their cat ears anymore, and the affectation of sticking nyo or nyu on their sentences got old along the way as well. Instead of cooking up mischief, Dejiko works in a local bakery. And yet, there's still something strange and mystical about her. But will that be enough to draw the attention of a handsome young man she first accidentally encounters in the park? It had better be, because Di Gi Charat is about to discover the most powerful Earth magic of all.

Drama Romance Slice of Life

First Half

After a few embarrassing encounters with a handsome boy, Dejiko finally gets the opportunity to get a little closer to him. Although, he may seem perfect he may have a little baggage back home.

Second Half

Just when Dejiko believes her new beaux has his eyes set on another nice girl, she finds out there may be more to it than meets the eye. Sometimes it is best not to jump to conclusions...

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