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Di Gi Charat (TV)

This series of shorts takes place in a gaming store named "Gamers" in Akihabara.Dejiko is a princess from planet DiGi Charat who encounters all kinds of fun, games, and chaos with her two companions (and her rival) as they work at Gamers.

Comedy Sci-Fi

Dejiko arrives!

Dejiko arrives in Akihabara along with two friends,  but the trio have nowhere to stay.

Call me Rabi en Rose

Dejiko's rival appears.

Spooky Store

A boy looking for trading cards helps Rabi-en-Rose but is frightened by the spooky store.

What's that?

When Dejiko, Gema, and Puchiko go for a picnice, they meet a mysterious yellow bear.


A handsome man visits the store and shows an interest in Puchiko.


Dejiko's tail is found by two otaku.

Gema, Gema pssshuuu...

When Dejiko kicks Gema into the water, he begins to grow!

Me Kara Beam doesn't work-nyu

PUchiko knows that she has the potential to use her Me-Kara-Beam, but Dejiko has a crucial element that would allow her to use it.

Romantic... in a particular way

Minagawa is saved from sickness by a pre-henshin form of Rabi-en-rose.

False Dejiko!

Minagawa is robbed and identifies the perpetrator as Dejiko.

Hot Steamy Rice

Dejiko and Puchiko dream about rice.

Monster and Co. Attack!

A monster attacks the city!

Possesed by spirit-nyo

Minagawa helps Dejiko when she is possessed by a clam spirit.

Hooligans visit

A hooligan named Abarenbou visits and chaos ensues.

Party Night

Ladies and gentlemen.....the music video "Party Night!"

Usada's Big Bang

Dejiko gifts a delicious Christmas cake to Usada with hopes of destroying her.


Episode 17 (1 min)


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