Di Gi Charat Summer Vacation Special

The Gamerz end up in the United States, and they bring their knack for trouble with them.

America Dejiko 1

Being small has its' disadvantages and unfortunately for little Puchiko this time she is unable to request a bus stop resulting in her ending up a LONG way from home.

America Dejiko 2

The crew is still in America which gives Usada a perfect opportunity to visit with her parents, but when she finally reaches them she finds something completely unexpected.

Deburapyogeguy Makes Its Debut

The Gamers are back from America and it is a battle of the bands time for a shot at the grand prize which is a ten year supply of natto! Do they have what it takes to win?!

Isn't Anyone There? - Nyo

On a mission from the manager to the Gamers Health Club the crew is excited to see nice things, but once they arrive it is unlike anything they could have prepared themselves for.