Di Gi Charat Summer Special

Pyocola Analogue III, or Pyoko, intends to kidnap Dejiko and use her as ransom. When her attempt at kidnapping fails, Pyoko decides it might be better to wreak havoc at the store! Throw in a slug man, and you've got some real problems!

Comedy Sci-Fi

Piyoko Arrives

Piyoko arrives in town to kidnap Dejiko and hold her for ransom, but little does she know this may be a larger task than she originally had planned. What will she do?

It's the Black Gamers - Nyo

The manager has asked Dejiko to deliver cursed trading cards that find their way into Gamers to Kanda Shrine or else they will be cursed! See what happens next in 'It's the Black Gamers - Nyo'!

The Return of Rowdy Guy

After being irritated by Dejiko's rattling around through town, Piyoko decides to get some revenge. Unfortunately for Piyoko, it doesn't like the Gamers are up for the task.

Summer Bug

The slug man has taken it upon himself to give the store a complete makeover to attract the proper crowd, not surprising that the results aren't exactly what he was going for...

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