Di Gi Charat Flower Viewing Special

The Gamerz are up to their old tricks in this Spring Special. From "closet cases" to blossoming cherry trees, this is one adorably dysfunctional group you won't want to miss!

Evil Moves In

Dejiko can't seem to catch a break from evil Piyoko and even her own bedroom doesn't seem to be a safe haven. Will she find a way to rid her room of the evil crew?

Sakura, Sakura

What happens when Dejiko and Piyoko coincidentally make plans to view flowers on the same day? Havoc of course! Sleep doesn't stop evil!

The Long Haired Man - Nyu

Puchiko receives a mysterious package filled with the necessary supplies for preschool. Who could have known that she desired to go to preschool and why were they sending her this gift?

Don't Call Me Rabi~en~Rose

Apparently, Dejiko has fallen ill with a sickness unique to Planet Di Gi Charat which is making her look and act unrecognizable. How did she catch this illness and what does it really mean?