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Detroit Metal City

Get ready for the ear-splittingest, skull-smashingest band to ever assault your senses! They're Detroit Metal City, the hottest ticket on the concert circuit! There's just one catch. Beneath the makeup, these ultimate head bangers are hired doppelgangers who don't even LIKE what they do! Jaggi is actually Wada, who wants to play Glam Rock; Camus is Nishida, an anime fan with an appalling weakness for curry and NSFW videos; and Krauser is… oh the shame!… street-singing Soichi Negishi, who dreams of singing happy pop! Worse, he can't even tell anyone who Krauser is. Not even the girl he likes, who HATES DMC! Will rage against the corporate machine consume Negishi's tortured soul? Is there life after Death Metal? What it's like to put your head in a jet engine and turn UP the volume? Find out as angst, amps and anarchy collide in DETROIT METAL CITY!

Comedy Mature

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: PV/Sick Murderer

A dream of being a famous pop star suddenly turns into a blood soaked nightmare for Soichi, who suddenly finds himself as Krauser, the lead singer of the death metal band, "Detroit Metal City"

Episode 2: Real Legend/Satan

While playing his own songs on the street, Soichi runs into a DMC cover band, and shows them how it's done.  Afterwards, a group outing with Yuri and her friends takes a turn for the worse as a drunk Soichi becomes Krauser II during Kareoke.

Episode 3: Pig/Drugs

Yuri is tasked by her magazine to do an expose on DMC and is unintentionally humiliated by Soichi.  After giving a bad interview, Ms. President visits Soichi to teach him how to live the DMC lifestyle.

Episode 4: Frustration/Good Song

Soichi gets a break when Yuri's friend lets him play at his shop, but is humiliated and reverts to Krauser in a drunken rage afterwards.  A chance meeting with the real Tetrapod Melon Time and their lead singer leaves Soichi with thoughts of what could have been.

Episode 5: Masochist/Family

The Capitalistic Pig has his day when a guilty Soichi urges him to invite a girl he likes to a DMC show.  Bad idea.  During his home visit, Soichi learns that his younger brother is a huge fan of DMC. Soichi then vows to turn his brother's life around using his alterego Krauser.

Episode 6: Punk.1/Punk.2

Rival bands are popping up everywhere and are trying to ruin DMC's rising star.  Negishi attempts to stop one band who challenges them to a battle, but instead inspires it's singer to be true to herself. At the band battle, Jagi overdoes it and a new DMC legend is born!

Episode 7: Tower/Confession

A misunderstood parting line leads DMC fans to gather at Tokyo Tower, and Soichi must disband them before they get in trouble.  Yuri is going on an outing with Mr. Asato, and Soichi goes along to spy on them, with disastrous results.

Episode 8: Promise/Alternation

It's time to record DMC's first album, but Soichi isn't sure how well he can perform offstage.  DMC's first promotional event falls on Yuri's birthday, and Soichi is torn on what to do.

Episode 9: Cinema.1/Cinema.2

Ms. President agrees to let Krauser be in a movie.  Soichi, thinking he will be playing himself, gets a rude awakening.  At the movie premiere, the actors find out that the director changed the ending, unexpectedly making Krauser the lead.

Episode 10: Fake/Detroit Moe City

After Soichi quits DMC, Ms. President arranges a fake Krauser to stand in Soichi's place, confusing the crowd and angering the real Krauser. A young girl dressed as a DMC member is revered by the fans as a "Little Krauser'.

Episode 11: Hip Hop.1/Hip Hop.2

A childhood friend of Soichi's turns out to be rapper Kiva, who has a beef with DMC.  Krauser crashes a Kiva concert and tries to remind his old friend of the past.

Episode 12: Emperor.1/Emperor.2

Metal legend Jack II Dark is going on his farewell destruction tour, and DMC is his target for Japan. At the concert, Krauser descends from the rafters to dethrone Jack as the new metal god.


Episode 13 (2 min)


Episode 14 (1 min)


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