TV 14 -
Den-noh Coil

If you gaze into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you. Through the augmented reality glasses common in the year 2026, Yuko Okonogi experiences life in multiple dimensions. With the virtual overlaying the physical, the two might eventually become muddled. Yuko will have to tread carefully as she begins to unravel the very essence of this pseudo space, along with its secrets, before it unravels her first.

The Children with Glasses

When Yasako and Kyoko’s virtual pet dog, Densuke, goes missing, Yasako procures the assistance of a detective.

COIL Cyber Detective Agency

Yasako and Fumie ask Yasako's grandmother to cure Densuke of his potentially fatal illness. In return, Yasako must agree to an interesting, and dangerous, bargain.

Yuko and Yuko

With Densuke back, the Mojos drop him off with Isako. After freeing him from the illegal, Isako makes an enormous mistake in trying to unlock the virtual being.

Daikoku City Heike Club

A battle breaks out at school! During the commotion, Fumie steals a mysterious piece of data from Amasawa.

The Metabug Scramble Bus Tour

The Hackers' Club goes on a metabug expedition over the fringes of surrounding cyberspace lead by Isako.

The Red Automaton

Yasako and Fumie begin an investigation into Haraken and Searchmaton. Under pressure, Haraken reveals something huge to Yasako and Fumie.

In Action!! The COIL Detective Agency

Isako once again summons an illegal with the help of the Daikoku Hackers. With Yasako and Fumie working on an unrelated case, will the virus take over?

The Summer Festival and a Duel

Isako hatches a plan, and Daichi’s rekindled friendship with Fumie may suffer as a result.

Michiko-san from the Other Side

The kids spend a dark and stormy night telling ghost stories and playing spooky games at school. Meanwhile, Haraken has an interesting other worldly experience.

Kanna’s Diary

Following clues left by Haraken's former research partner, Haraken, Fumie, and Yasako search for any new leads.

Sunken! Daikoku City

Daichi’s plan to acquire metabugs via a fish-type illegal doesn’t go as planned and may endanger everyone in the virtual vicinity.

Daichi Grows Hair

Yasako finds a race of microscopic illegals growing on their faces that are on the brink of destruction. Can Yasako figure out a way to save them?

The Last Plesiosaur

A docile illegal follows the kids on a hazardous journey through the city, driven to find more of its kind.

Record of a Living Being

The Young Boy Beyond the Station

Isako’s Hospital Room

The Final Summer Vacation

The Door to Another World

The Dark Visitors

Kanna and Yasako

The Dark Automaton

The Final COIL

The Granted Wish

The Children Who Throw Away Their Glasses

The Kanazawa City Hazama Intersection

Yasako and Isako