TV-MA - TV Series
Dai Shogun

The arrival of foreign ships on the shores of Japan has been thwarted by giant robots called Onigami, and what would have been The Meiji Restoration has been completely erased from history. Now, in this new Japan isolated from the rest of the world, one man has the power to summon forth the might of the Onigami once again... as long as he remains a virgin. But with a beautiful ninja warrior at his side, will Keiichiro be able to focus long enough to defeat the evil forces now threatening Japan?

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Succession Strife, Keiichiro Appears!

Keiichiro, a 17 year old virgin of the Tokugawa clan, is accused to murder. While trying to sniff out the true culprit, he's launched into a battle with a super powered robot aiming to put him in a hurt locker!

Episode 2: The Alluring Red Light District and the Foxy Chiharu!

Keiichiro learns the truth behind his ability to pilot Susanoo. In order to rid himself of the responsibility, he decides to head to a pleasure house to find a girl that can free him.

Episode 3: The Sex With Houkouin Strikes!

An assassin is sent to kill Keiichiro before the full potential of Susanoo can be attained. Chiharu tries her hardest to get her hands on Kei-chan, but a certain someone is stopping every one of her attempts.

Episode 4: Susanoo Hijacked! The Vicious Asai Hyogo!

A mysterious figure rolls into town seeking vengeance from the seal bearer of the Tokugawa clan.

Episode 5: Later Summer in Nagasaki, on the Night the Lanterns Float

Even during festval time, Keiichiro's relentless pursuit to break the curse afflicting him knows no respite. Kiriko is instructed by grannie herself to help lift the burden from Keiichiro's back through a single kiss.

Episode 6: Shigeyoshi of the Rebellion, The Bloody Surrender of Edo Castle!

In another town, a new story is being forged, with political corruption at the epicenter and a new Onigami yet to awaken.

Episode 7: Ninja of Passion, the Bloody Shinsengumi!

Now sure of the fact that the curse has been lifted, Keiichiro heads out with Hyakuseke to stir up some fun in town. Unknown to them, a powerful new enemy is about to make their entrance.

Episode 8: Dejima Dawn, The Greatest Fist in Japan!

The seal to activate the Susanoo has been stolen from Keiichiro. In order to get it back he’ll have to participate in a game of Strip Rock Paper Scissors where Kiriko is the one forced to strip!

Episode 9: Cherry Blossom Baths Love Stories

Though Kiriko is becoming closer to Keiichiro, she’s upset at her inability to pilot Susanoo. Houkouin appears and seems to want to reassure Kiriko but her true intentions are something else.

Episode 10: After the Rampage, the Two Make Their Decision

Keiichirou lays in a coma after Susanoo’s rampage and Chiharu is placing the blame on Kiriko. Mortified by the latest events Kiriko wanders through the city where she encounters Ryouma.

Episode 11: Led by the Onigami, to Share Our Fate!

Verbeck and Glover return with far more ships than they did last time, and plan to attack Japan again. To make matter worse, Shigeyoshi appears! Can Keiichiro defeat his adversaries?

Episode 12: Break the Thunderclouds, Heavenly Thunder God Susanoo!

The final battle begins with Kiriko captured and Keiichirou injured. With the odds stacked against them will the heroes of the tale be able to win?