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Follow the lives of four hot boy bands under the “DYNAMIC CHORD” agency and music label. There’s progressive rock band rêve parfait; newcomer Liar-S; veteran rock band KYOHSO; and international sensation, apple-polisher.

Spring rain

The bands are having their own problems as they struggle for fame, but what will happen when sudden news come their way?

Unreachable Wish

After a malicious article is released, rumors begin to spread about the fall of KYOHSO and its lead, Yorito. The members of rêve parfait try to find Yorito themselves.


Eluding his band members, Yorito finds comfort in his memories. Meanwhile, Reon tries his best to bring Yorito back.

Summer holiday

Reon doesn’t seem to be returning to rêve parfait any time soon. Meanwhile, the other members go to a retreat to figure out their next move.


Rêve parfait starts to get antsy about their Christmas concert and their future prospects for a world tour.

Best memories

Things in Liar-S start to heat up as a scandal threatens to cause some chaos. What will happen when they perform?

Autumn breeze

Aki and Narumi's relationship starts to simmer. Meanwhile, Reon tries to bring more peaceful behavior between the group.


Comparisons of the young group members are being discussed while Aki and Narumi's relationship take a turn for the better.


Shinobu gets the band to reluctantly appear at an unforeseen location. Did someone say wine?

Cold winter

Yakumo ventures on a sudden journey after Kuon expresses his dream of a brighter future for the band.


The band voyages through the bitter cold on a spiraling journey towards the mountains.

Christmas day

The time for the highly anticipated Christmas song has arrived while the band takes the time to reflect on some memories.