PG-13 - TV Series
DD Fist of the North Star

Kenshiro, trained in the secret martial art of Hokuto Shinken and unemployed, finds this skill-set doesn’t help him at all in modern-day Japan when the only job he can find is at a convenience store. Then, he finds out that he has to compete for the job with his two brothers, Toki and Raoh, who are equally unqualified. Without an apocalypse or nuclear war on the horizon, the three brothers must work together if they want to live in the battle of stocking shelves.

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: The End of the Century is Quite Normal. Kenshiro Appears! / Kenshiro, Take Back the Love!!

Kenshiro was supposed to be the savior at the end of the world, but now, he’s unemployed. He and his two brothers meet at a convenience store and fight for the part-time job.

Episode 2: Money Never Dies! South Star is the Enemy / Don’t Sleep!! The Convenience Store Without a Headstone!

Kenshiro and his brothers are told that whoever gets the most sales at the neighborhood festival, will get the job at the store. But they are surrounded by rivals.

Episode 3: Dastardly! Hell is Too Kind for Stalkers! / There Are No Bananas! Kenshiro’s First Shopping Trip!

Lin's friend, Airi, is being stalked. The three brothers trail Airi and find out it's not just a stalker that’s following her around.

Episode 4: Hey, It’s Me! Raoh and the Little Old Woman / Healthy! Healthy Lifestyle!! In the Case of Toki-san

While working alone at the convenience store, Raoh gets a call from someone who claims to know him. The caller says he’s Toki and that he needs money for a little old lady.

Episode 5: The Girl Who Wants to Get Married, Love is Confusing / It’s Juza of the Clouds, the Brothers in Trouble

Kenshiro is shocked when a girl, who looks like his beloved Yuria, shows up at the store. She falls in love with him after hearing him say she looks like his beloved.

Episode 6: What’s Your Name? Thouzer’s English Cram School / One Summer’s Fist, As Many as the Waves!

A weird mikoshi appears at the convenience store carrying Thouzer. The bearers are his students from his cram school. One of kids escapes and asks the three brothers for help.

Episode 7: The Homeless Saviors! They’ll Just Have to Build a House! / Mars Atta-ttacks! Yuria Sang That Day

The three brothers have been evicted from their apartment. They go to a park, overhear a reading of "The Three Little Pigs", and attempt to build a home using the same ideas.

Episode 8: Raoh is Kidnapped! Suddenly a Love Story / Jagi is the Star! I Was Waiting for This

Raoh and Black King take a walk and remember the first time they met. Suddenly, Raoh is kidnapped.

Episode 9: Take Back Yuria! Kenshiro vs. Shin vs. Yokohama Gang Part One / Take Back Yuria! Kenshiro vs. Shin vs. Yokohama Sightseeing Part Two

Kenshiro goes up against smugglers while in the park; Yuria gets lost while shopping; Shin and Kenshiro battle over a doll.

Episode 10: “Steadfast-as-a-Mountain Fudo” Moves! / What is a Girls’ Night Out? We’d Like to Ask You

Bat meets Fudo, the kindergarten teacher who is a kind giant with a dark past; it’s a girls’ night out for all of the DD gals.

Episode 11: Yodele-Rei Yodele-Rei! Rei, Take Back the Love / The Time Has Come! Kenshiro vs. Raoh, The Intense Battle!

Kenshiro and Raoh finally have their battle royale; Rei tries to stop Mamiya from getting married.

Episode 12: Raoh Catches a Cold! / Kenshiro Gets Drunk!

Kenshiro gets drunk and tells everyone how he really feels about them; Raoh gets a cold and keeps seeing Yuria everywhere.

Episode 13: Battle to the Death! South Star vs. North Star! / The Final Battle, Kenshiro vs. Yuria!?

All is revealed when Kenshio and Shin finally have their last battle.