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Cuticle Detective Inaba

In a world where humans and human-animal chimeras live together, half-human criminals leave non-human clues that have the police stumped. Enter the "lone wolf" detective Hiroshi Inaba, who has the ability to extract information just by examining (or tasting) someone’s hair! While his methods are unorthodox, he's up against a half goat crime boss with an appetite for green legal tender. Can sheer dogged detective work put the baaaaad guys behind bars? Find out in Cuticle Detective Inaba!

Action Comedy Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Counterfeit Currency Printing Incident/Inaba Hiroshi Kidnapping Incident

Inaba Hiroshi gets a surprise visit from a former partner, who seeks Inaba's help catching a notorious mob boss.

Episode 2: The Secret Documents/Mother and Child Stalker Case

To retrieve a stolen document, unwilling parties must work together. Meanwhile, Ogino is certain that his family is falling prey to a stalker.

Episode 3: The Chocolate Enchantment Case Countermeasures Headquarters / The Wolf Girl Assassination Case Countermeasures Headquarters

Don creates a trap for Hiroshi while a new wolf from France joins the Secret Doberman Corps!

Episode 4: Uniformed Police Officer Raid Incident / Cat Lover Enchantment Case

Ogino goes undercover when police officers come under attack. Meanwhile, Kei is kidnapped...but her kidnappers need more help than her!

Episode 5: The Genius Tag Team Case / The Pleasure Trip Paradise Case

Ogino plans to take out Don's genius doctor.

Episode 6: The Mastermind Black Fang Arrival Case / The Wolf's House!

The leader of the terrorist group makes himself known.

Episode 7: Extra:Acceptance into Hair Cuticle Academy/Cuticle Life: The Idiot Sons, 13 Years Ago/Extra: Bar Ragdoll/Cuticle Life: The Idiot Sons, 10 Years Ago

Kei is accepted into a new school. Everything leads up to the moment that may or may not take Don Valentino's life.

Episode 8: Sasaki Yuuta Kidnapping Case \ Inaba Family Breakdown Case (Part One)

Yuuta is kidnapped with the purpose of baiting Ogi. Later, Ogi tries to take over Soumei's body.

Episode 9: Inaba Family Breakdown Case (Part Two) \ Love Flag Jumble Case

Hiroshi arrives to save Ogino from Soumei. Later, Soumei makes a date with ulterior motives.

Episode 10: Goat Park Revelry Case\ Don Power Spot Conspiracy Case

While Ogata goes full throttle into immersion therapy with Ogi, the Don scams tourists.

Episode 11: Don Valentino Jailbreak Case

Don Valentino finds himself behind bars. While awaiting jailbreak, he acquires a new follower.

Episode 12: The Cuticle Phantom Thief Appears Case \ Evil Organization Expansion Case

Hiroshi's missing hair collections spells disaster for someone. Meanwhile, someone must find a contractor....good or evil.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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