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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

In a world where advanced magic known as Mana is used by all, those who lack this ability are considered societal outcasts known as Norma. When Princess Angelise Misurugi discovers that she herself is a Norma, her life of luxury is quickly turned into a living hell! Now, cast out from her homeland and sent to a secluded island, this kind-hearted princess will soon become a battle-hardened warrior whose determination will help her survive her battles against invaders from another dimension.

Action Fantasy

Episodes (25)

Episode 1: Fallen Princess

Princess Angelise of the Misurugi Empire lives a life of privilege in a world where users of an advanced magic known as “Mana” rule. But her world is shattered when she discovers that she is in fact a Norma— an outcast who cannot use Mana!

Episode 2: Disobedient Soul

After being exiled to the island of Arzenal, Angelise clashes with her fellow Norma over her refusal to accept the truth. But when the girls are thrown into battle, reality will strike in the most brutal way imaginable!

Episode 3: Villkiss Awakens

With the tragic events of the previous battle fresh on her mind, Ange chooses to become the pilot of the powerful para-mail, Vilkiss in order to find death on the battlefield.

Episode 4: A Loner's Revolt

Although Ange has finally accepted the reality of her life, tensions between her and the other Norma at the Arzenal facility come to a head as a fellow pilot’s revenge results in dire consequences.

Episode 5: Ange, Lost

Ange awakens after her crash landing to find herself in a very compromising position with a mysterious boy. With the Vilkiss damaged, Ange will have to rely on this stranger and his suspicious familiarity with para-mail if she wants to leave.

Episode 6: Momoka's Here!

Just when Ange thought she had finally put her past behind her, Momoka, her former maid, appears in search of the beloved princess that she once knew.

Episode 7: Salia's Depression

Ange’s rogue tactics continue to put her at odds with her teammates, especially their squad captain, Salia. But when a new DRAGON appears, Ange will have to learn to follow orders if she and the others hope to survive.

Episode 8: Bikini Escape

The Arzenal Normas are given the day off to participate in the annual Festa celebration. However, all Ange can think of is the mysterious message she received from her younger sister, Sylvia.

Episode 9: Traitorous Homeland

After escaping Arzenal, Ange, Momoka, and Hilda go their separate ways. While Ange and Momoka head to the imperial palace to aide Sylvia, Hilda returns to her hometown in search of her mother.

Episode 10: Goodbye from the Gallows

Despite returning to their homes, both Ange and Hilda are met with betrayal and must face the cruel realities concerning the ones they once cared for.

Episode 11: Dragon Song

Three foreign Para-Mails appear and attack Arzenal with a fleet of DRAGONs. But when Ange engages the enemy head-on she discovers a shocking truth.

Episode 12: Her Right Arm's Past

The inhabitants of Arzenal attempt to recover from the attack by the mysterious Para-Mails. When a DRAGON survivor is discovered in the base, the pilots learn that not everything is as it appears.

Episode 13: Arzenal, in Flames

Ange's brother, Julio, attacks Arzenal with his own fleet. With no other option, Jill commences Operation Libertus as Ange and the remaining pilots prepare to fight back.

Episode 14: Ange and Task

Ange awakens to find that she, Tusk, and Vivian have been transported to an alternate dimension. As they work to learn more about this unknown world, Ange and Tusk begin to grow closer together.

Episode 15: Another Earth

After an encounter with two mysterious women riding DRAGONs, Ange, Tusk, and Vivian are taken to a strange castle where they once again cross paths with the pilot of one of the mysterious Para-Mails, Salamandinay.

Episode 16: Resonating Front Lines

Salamandinay and her troops begin making preparations to invade Ange's world and take down Embryo once and for all. Now Ange must decide if she will stand and fight at Salamandinay's side.

Episode 17: Dark Angel of Destruction

Ange finally reaches a decision and chooses to return to Arzenal. The invasion begins, but takes an unexpected turn when their plans are thwarted by Embryo's scheming.

Episode 18: Conclusive Ocean

Despite returning to Arzenal and reuniting with her old comrades, Ange soon finds herself at odds with Jill, whose devotion to completing Libertus has grown into a dangerous obsession.

Episode 19: The Turner of Time

Ange is captured by Salia, Ersha, and Chris, who have all been swayed to Embryo’s side. When Ange finds herself face-to-face with Embryo once again, he reveals the truth behind his own existence and that of Ange’s very world.

Episode 20: God's Proposal

When Embryo’s attempt to seduce Ange fails, he soon reveals his true character along with his diabolical plans for Aura and the two worlds. Meanwhile, Jill’s descent troubles Hilda and the remaining Arzenal fighters.

Episode 21: The Survivors

Salia helps Ange escape from Embryo’s clutches. But Ange’s escape becomes short-lived as Embryo continues to hunt her and Momoka down. Just when it seems like they’re cornered, Tusk arrives on the scene to face off with Embryo.

Episode 22: Necessary

Embryo continues with his plans to combine the two worlds and, using Aura’s power, create an entirely new world. Ersha has a change of heart, and Salia’s jealousy of Ange grows. Meanwhile, Ange mourns those she has lost.

Episode 23: Distorting World

Ange reunites with the rest of her comrades as they prepare to head into their final battle against Embryo and complete Operation Libertus.

Episode 24: Eve of Destruction

The fight is on, and soon Ange and company find themselves locked in a battle to the death with their former teammates as the world continues to collide.

Episode 25: Beyond Time

With Ange kidnapped by Embryo, it’s now up to Tusk, Hilda, and Salia to unlock the power of the Vilkiss and save her before she is lost forever.

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