TV-MA - TV Series
Comet Lucifer

Searching deep below the planet’s surface is nothing new to Sogo - he’s been searching for a specific ore for a long time. But the mysteries of Gift are buried deeper than anyone could know. An accident leads to Sogo discovering the ore he’s been searching for, but this only breeds more questions as an enigmatic girl appears from its depths!

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Boy and the Vast Land

Finding a bright red crystal sends Sogo into joyous hysterics. After examining it, an accident drives him toward a more mysterious find.

Episode 2: Under One Roof

All manner of crazy things are happening around this strange girl. As the group tries to figure out what to do, a weird rock shows up at Sogo’s feet.

Episode 3: Garden Indigo

In order to cheer up Felia after a few mishaps, Kaon suggests a trip downtown. As they’re enjoying themselves, a maniac obsessed with Felia sets up a series of traps.

Episode 4: Storm

As a typhoon threatens Garden Indigo’s calm way of life, Felia helps out around the house. Sogo reflects on his hunt for the red crystal and realizes that Felia is in danger!

Episode 5: Souls

Sogo and Moura hurry to rescue Felia from Gus Stewart and his squad as they aim to relinquish “Lima” to a mysterious Bureau. Felia, on the other hand, has her own plan.

Episode 6: Flower Boy

The group disturbs a wedding procession and they request Sogo as the replacement flower boy. The military does a little wedding crashing in search of Felia.

Episode 7: Place of Warmth

Nearing their destination, the gang camps out after the Air Rider stops working. Felia follows a strange glowing butterfly until Pack shows up and begins fighting Moura!

Episode 8: Path

The journey takes the group deep into unfamiliar woods against Do Mon's advice. Meanwhile, the Council moves to protect to the professor who penned the Lima Theory.

Episode 9: The Feelings That Must Be Conveyed

Do Mon reminisces about the early days after he adopted Sogo, all the while wondering if Sogo hates him.

Episode 10: The Altar of Abyss

Sogo faces a new enemy, only to be left questioning multiple angles of his journey. With that already causing him trouble, some terrible news reaches the group.

Episode 11: The Fallen Angel

Sogo and the gang head off to find Felia, discovering where she’s being kept, only for a fallen angel to come into play.

Episode 12: The Boy and the Planet

As the fallen angel fights against Moura and Sogo, she discovers that the key isn’t Felia, but someone else nearby instead. Will the group survive to see a new world?