TV-MA - Shorts
Chainsaw Maid

From the twisted (and doughy) mind of Takena Nagao comes the Chainsaw Maid Collection. Join our new favorite housekeeper as she battles the undead in a stopmotion thriller the likes of which you've never seen. Afterwards, indulge in a variety of other claymation vignettes that are sure to make you laugh, or cry, or laughcry? at the absurdity. Put the kiddies away for this one, the gore runs red and fast in the comically grotesque CHAINSAW MAID COLLECTION!


Chainsaw Maid

A normal morning turns deadly when zombies attack!

Chainsaw Maid - Episode Zero

Follow the entrails to more guts and gore!

Battle of Clay

Take a break from blood and guts and witness two become one!

Battle of Clay 2

Clay men are sooo immature!

Bloody Night

Monsters and vomit and blood, oh my!

Within the Bloody Woods

Don’t make me gut you!

Within the Bloody Woods 2

If a zombie’s head falls off in the woods, does it make a sound?

Bloody Date

My boyfriend is sooo cute when his head is attached to his neck.

Crazy Clay Wrestling

Wrestling done clay style!


‘Twas the MEOW heard ‘round the world!

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