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When lightning strikes the prototype android BK-1, the monster Braiking Boss begins to control all robots on Earth. Mankind’s only hope is in the hands of Tetsuya Azuma who transfers his consciousness to an android to become the ultimate robot fighter: Casshan! With his robot dog Flender, and Luna Kozuki, they must save Earth from the Braiking Boss and the Neoroider mechanical army. It’s the ultimate blast from the past as the battle for the future pits the good bots against the bad in CASSHAN!

Action Adventure Mecha Sci-Fi

Episodes (35)

Episode 1: An Immortal Challenger

Lightning strikes the castle Dr. Azuma has his laboratory in and the electricity fries the circuits in one of his Androids brains, making it a self-aware android with an agenda.

Episode 2: Stake Victory on the Moonlight

With the Braiking's agenda in full swing, Casshan must rescue his parents from the androids clutches! After rescuing his dad, Casshan realizes why sunlight is so important.

Episode 3: Find Tomorrow in the Ruins

Andro Force is destroying human lives on a town-by-town basis. In the midst of their destruction, Casshan saves a girl from his past named Lucy who is convinced that she knows who he is.

Episode 4: Channel Anger Into the MF Gun

Andro Force is on the hunt for Lucy and her father Dr. Kozuki, the scientist who has developed the MF Gun, which is capable of destroying androids in an instant.

Episode 5: Don’t Blow Out the Flame of Battle

Braiking Boss unleashes a plague of robot rats on humanity! Their sustenance devoured, the people are forced to become Andro Force’s slaves! Can Casshan and the resistance win the day?

Episode 6: Raging Wind Flender

Braiking Boss acquires a machine that grants him the strength to defeat even Casshan! Swanee flies to alert our hero but is followed by a malevolent robot! Will Swanee’s secret be revealed?

Episode 7: An Oath to the Hero Kikero

Andro Force invades a town to steal the diamond statue of their beloved hero of ages past, Kikero! Will Casshan be able to stop the deadly Claw Robots? Is Casshan Kikero reborn?

Episode 8: The Roar of the Wild Beast Robot

Braiking Boss creates a terrifying robot companion, Warugada, to oppose Casshan and Flender! Andro Force abducts Dr. Hagane to assist and forces his daughter, Yoko, to steal Luna’s MF Gun! Will Casshan foil Braiking Boss’ plans?

Episode 9: Concerto in the Flames of War

While the National Defense Force is in retreat, Casshan and Lucy encounter a blind cellist and a group of music lovers who would rather die than give up their beautiful music.

Episode 10: Stake Life in the Desert of Death

Scientists create a weapon with similar effects as the MF gun that they plan to place in a facility in the dessert. The race is on as the Andro Force and the humans race to the facility to stake claim over it.

Episode 11: Statue of the Demon

Braiking Boss captures a sculptor and puts him to work erecting a giant statue of the Braiking boss.

Episode 12: The Iron Train of Evil

Andro Force creates a robot train to smuggle Dr. Azuma to a sinister machine factory! If Casshan fails to intercept the train, he may lose his father forever!

Episode 13: Android 5, the Robot of Betrayal

Casshan saves a man who isn't who he seems. While Casshan is at the Andro Force base, he comes across an android who has a change of circuits.

Episode 14: The Town That Doesn’t Need Casshan

The Andro Force proves to be more than a match for the retaliation set forth by the towns folk who were desperately seeking revenge. With Casshan unable to help, the towns folk pay dearly for his absence.

Episode 15: Puppy Runs for Vengeance

Casshan rushes to the explosive researchers mansion when he realizes that the Braiking Boss is after a super explosive capable of destroying an onslaught of robots in one go. When he arrives, the Andro force is waiting to take Casshan out for good.

Episode 16: Swanee’s Wings of Love

Swanee is sent out by the Braiking Boss to locate a land mine that was targeting the Andro Force. Though Swanee finds the location, she is torn between telling Braiking Boss for fear of harm coming to her or Casshan.

Episode 17: The Robot Lullaby

Braiking Boss sends in his killer robot to commandeer an entire factory. Will Casshan be able to come to the rescue?

Episode 18: Giant Elephant VS. Andro Force

The circus is interrupted by the Andro Force and everyone believes it was a set up. While Casshan is trying to calm things down and is communicating with Swanee, the Andro Force spots the two communicating.

Episode 19: The Clown Robot of Terror

The President is unsure whether to surrender or not when he realizes a deadly explosive robot with people melting abilities is ruthlessly attacking cities. Decisions need to be made and Casshan and the President are running out of time.

Episode 20: Casshan Gets the Death Penalty

The rust robot attacks, and causes Flender to be rendered rusty. To add rust on the wounds, Casshan is captured by the Andro Force and is sent to stand trial.

Episode 21: Robot Hijack

Luna is torn between revealing Casshan's location in exchange for the passengers safety after the airplane she is on gets hijacked.

Episode 22: Runaway Robot, Romeo

The town's people are surprised when a damaged robot named Romeo flees to their city and begins to serve them.

Episode 23: Great Escape from the Robot Factory

Casshan rushes to the factory to save the captives when he learns that the Braiking Boss is attempting to create more powerful robots using super radial energy.

Episode 24: Bounder Robot’s Challenge

The Andro-Force is tasked to attack the rubber factory to steal natural rubber. As Casshan rushes in to thwart the attack, the Braiking Boss sends in his anti-Casshan robot named Bounder to hopefully put an end to Casshan.

Episode 25: Immortal Casshan

Casshan is shot down by a Super Destructive Beam that drains Casshan's energy and wipes his memory.

Episode 26: Casshan’s Secrets

Casshan's true identity may have been revealed when an x-ray robot discovers his secrets. Determined to know the truth, the Braiking Boss uses a magnetic ray gun to capture Casshan and sets forth on interrogating him.

Episode 27: The Missing MF Gun

A robot captures Luna while she is at home resting from a fever. Casshan runs to her rescue when he realizes that Luna and the MF gun are missing.

Episode 28: The Calvary of Anger

The Andro-Force has set it's sights on a tribe who are all un-armed and live in peace. With a tribe full of pacifists being attacked by Andro Force will Casshan be able to preserve their peaceful lifestyle?

Episode 29: High-Heat Robot Neotaros

Casshan faces off against the High-Heat Robot Neotaro who is somehow immune to the effects of the MF Gun.

Episode 30: The Premiere Robot Terminators

A bounty is placed on the head of Leon after he successfully lured and destroyed dozens of Robots. Casshan tries to warn Leon about the power of the Andro Force but Leon just won't listen.

Episode 31: The City That Creates Newly-Made Men

Casshan tries to prevent a scientist from continuing his newly-made man experiments on people but finds that the scientist is unwilling to listen because he has already pledged his allegiance to the Braiking Boss.

Episode 32: The Electric Punch of Tears

The search is on! Both the Andro Force and Casshan are searching for a robot named Polo created years ago by Dr. Azuma that he sent to a remote city. Will Casshan get there first and will Polo remember the past he shared with Casshan?

Episode 33: Swanee in Danger!

After Swanee is captured by the people, she is used as a defensive device against the Braiking Boss and is implanted with a time bomb. When Casshan learns of this, he sacrifices himself by wearing the time bomb and attacks the Andro Force full blast.

Episode 34: Casshan VS. Robot Ace

Casshan learns where Dr. Azuma's location is with the help of Swanee and heads to rescue him from the Braiking Boss. His rescue is essential to saving humanity from the Andro Force and Braiking Boss won't give him up without a fight.

Episode 35: The Greatest showdown on Earth

Casshan puts forth his best effort against the Andro Force but finds that he is getting cornered. Can Casshan defeat Braiking Boss and put an end to the Andro Force invasion? Will he find a way to return things to the way they were?


Episode 36 (1 min)


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