CLAMP School Detectives

Nokoru, Suoh and Akira would be perfect ladies' men. However, since they haven't reached seventh grade, they have come up with a different approach: a detective team specialized for ladies in distress!

Formation of the CLAMP School Detectives!


My Fair Lady

Mr. Chef, Please Beware!

The Escape to Victory Part 1

The Escape to Victory Part 2

Please Wait Until Dark

Notebook of the Ball

You Are Deep in My Heart

Pretty League

Fashionable Thief Part 1

Fashionable Thief Part 2

That's Entertainment

The Great Escape

Once Upon a Time in China

From This Land to Eternity

Pretty Woman

True Romance

Someday, Somewhere

An Elegant Bet

Grand Illusion

Unforgivable One



Subway Panic

My True Heart to You