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Busou Shinki

Some guys wait their entire lives to meet the girl of their dreams, but Rihito already lives with four dream girls who are eager to please him. That’s because they’re Shinki: 6-inch high, customizable androids. Don’t let their tiny size fool you. These little ladies have full-sized intelligence and emotions, and since each one would prefer to be Rihito’s favorite, there’s sure to be friction! Get ready for sparks to fly as four battery powered princesses take charge of Rihito’s world in Busou Shinki!

Action Comedy Sci-Fi Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: I Found Something Important

Ann, Ines and Lene are three Shinki with a problem:  after helping their master move back to his home to start high school, they find a box labeled "Important".  Everything is going well, until they somehow accidentally pierce the box with a knife...

Episode 2: The Secret Ingredient is the Scent of Gunpowder

Hina, a Strarf-type "battle" shinki, becomes concerned that her master is not much of a battler.  Meanwhile, Ann and the other shinki begin preparing a feast for the master's entrance gift.

Episode 3: Crash! Battle Trike

A shinki thief is on the loose, so Kurara asks for Ann's help to catch him.  The master is taken in for questioning, and it's up to his Shinki to clear his name.

Episode 4: It's a race! Once Around the Park

Lene and Ines are on the outs, and their Master has the itch to travel.  A race aorund the park promises a trip to Okinawa for the winning Shinki and their Master, and Ines along with Lene well as few surprise entrants too.

Episode 5: Beach Swimsuit Armor

Ann and the rest of the Shinki prepare for a trip to Okinawa with their Master...who unfortunately leaves them behind  while running late.  The girls then decide to make their way to the small island in search of fun and sun.

Episode 6: Attention, Please! Our PLane is Bound to Hell!

While on a return trip from Okinawa, the Ann & Co. encounter a trio of Shinkis who have hijacked the plane and are sending it on a one way trip to hell.

Episode 7: The Visitor Comes With the Sound of Rain

Seeking a cool place to relax, the Shinkis inexplicably end up huddling around a room full of candles, telling horror stories in hopes of scaring the heat away.  As the weather suddenly shifts to a downpour, the Shinkis go out searching for their master and encounter something not of this world...or so they think.

Episode 8: Someday, Somewhere

One day, Ann wakes up as a human. When Rihito sees her pouting in the park, he decides to do the gentlemanly thing and help her out. Meanwhile, Ann’s Shinki body has been infected by a potentially fatal virus!

Episode 9: Lene's Underground Wars of the Empire

The evil Shinki Cloudy rules the underground empire that is home to rogue Shinki. Lene swears that she will help the Liberation Army fight for freedom... while searching for her master’s missing rice ball.

Episode 10: A Christmas Song for You

Christmas time is finally here, and the Shinki's decide to get part time jobs so they can buy their Master some wonderful presents.

Episode 11: We'll Settle it Tonight! Who is the Strongest Shinki?!

Hina has been acting strange lately.  The time to send her back to her Maker is close at hand, and the others think this may be why she's not herself lately.  If it's true, then a battle must commence to decide who is the strongest before she departs!

Episode 12: Dont Say Goodbye

The Shinkis are scrambling to get to Hina, who is about to go back to her Maker.  They must find her before it's too late, or they may never see her again.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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