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Bodacious Space Pirates

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Marika is living the normal life of the average girl in space: attending her school's yacht club, keeping up with the latest trends, and working part time at the Cafe Lamp. One day can change a lot, however, and Marika is about to find out first hand the horrors of life interrupted. Not only was her late father a notorious space pirate, but he was also the Captain of the equally notorious Benten Maru! What's worse, she's just inherited his position and the pirate's life that comes with it. Join Marika and her crew for a swashbuckling adventure through the galaxy, where crude turns to cute and mini-skirts are mandatory in Bodacious Space Pirates!

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Episodes (26)

Episode 1 (25 min)

Pirates Coming Through


Marika Katou is living the [space] life: attending yacht club at school and working part time at Cafe Lamp.  One day can change a lot, however, and Marika is about to find out first hand how easily she's thrown into the role of Space Pirate Captain.

Episode 2 (25 min)

Marika becomes worried about her decision to take the helm of Benten Maru as Captain.  As she wonders whether the pirate life is what she wants, her mother takes her on a trip to help her decide her future.

Episode 3 (25 min)

After a few mishaps, the Odette-II is primed and ready for space travel around the solar system.  Whoever tried to sabotage the journey is still out there, however, and the ancient ship still has some bugs to work out...

Episode 4 (25 min)

The voyage through the Tau Ceti system proves more difficult than the crew expected when their communications are suddenly jammed by an unknown source.  As the ship  nears the sun, they discover the source: a derelict ghost ship that sunk 120 years ago.

Episode 5 (25 min)

The E-Battle has begun! The Odette II and Mystery Ship #1 throw down, but Marika has a plan to give her side the winning edge.

Episode 6 (25 min)

After much deliberation, Marika has finally decided to take up the mantle of Pirate Captain.  Little does she know that being a pirate involves pirating, and she has 50 days to engage and plunder, or she's out!

Episode 7 (25 min)

With new roles come new responsibilities.  Marika finds it hard to juggle pirating and schoolwork, and her grades begin to suffer.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and a rush job is just what they need to solve their cash flow problems.

Episode 8 (25 min)

A Stowaway has been discovered aboard the Bentenmaru and is in search of Kato for a favor.  As simple as a small favor sounds, Marika and her crew are stumped.  This favor can't be solved with piracy.

Episode 9 (25 min)

A Beautiful Launch


All hands on deck!  The Bentanmaru watches helplessly as the info ship is attacked by its own.  The Princess may be able to help out and get Marika and her crew the information they desperately need.

Episode 10 (25 min)

Battle in the Storm


The search continues for the golden ghost ship, with Chiaki filling in for Marika.  Serenity warships suddenly appear during rough weather, and only the Princess can prevent the coming battle.

Episode 11 (25 min)

Wanderer of Light


The Bentenmaru is severely outnumbered, 1 ship to 7.  With everyone gearing up for battle, a sudden space rift reveals the prize that everyone seeks!

Episode 12 (25 min)

A Return from Eternity


It's a mad dash for the crews of the Bentenmaru and Serenity Fleet with the ghost ship treasure as the finish line.  The closer they get, the more they realize that the treasure is greater than they ever imagined.

Episode 13 (25 min)

Serenity royalty seems to be over until Gurier and her sister show up at the Academy.  Now with a new role to pursue as a mentor, Marika's back to the balancing act once again.

Episode 14 (25 min)

Marika Goes Recruiting


Infected cat-monkeys have put the crew of the Bentenmaru under quarantine.  With her mates out for the better part of a month, Marika plows ahead and begins seeking out some new "employees."

Episode 15 (25 min)

Marika has finally assembled her crew, but teaching them the inner workings of running the Bentenmaru will prove difficult.  Hidden cameras allow the old crew to watch and wonder:  will this crew of rooks have what it takes?

Episode 16 (25 min)

The yacht club members have taken to their roles aboard the Bentenmaru.  All is well until Marika announces that it's time to do a little looting!

Episode 17 (25 min)

A Surprising Client


Being a pirate carries certain risks, something that Marika is acutely aware of.  When a certain job involves kidnapping, something licensed pirates do not do, Marika becomes worried.

Episode 18 (25 min)

Jenny has found herself as the new client of the Bentenmaru crew.  As the original plan of taking her to Space U has been put on hold, the new plan is to make their way to her fiance's ship to make a deal.

Episode 19 (25 min)

The real Bentenmaru crew will be tasting fresh air soon with their impending release.  Marika has taken it upon herself to tidy up the ship before then, but the job proves to be more than she can handle.

Episode 20 (25 min)

Marika Rides the Waves


The yacht club is planning to enter the Nebula Club race, a competition that their school has been banned from for the past 5 years.  The new PE teacher will be the deciding factor in which girl gets to race.

Episode 21 (25 min)

When the girls of the Bentenmaru register for the Nebula Club, the other contestants are wary of their participation. Marika seeks the answers to what happened five years ago and who is hunting for her.

Episode 22 (25 min)

Pirate Hunting


It's a dangerous time to be a pirate! An unknown assailant begins destroying pirate ships and their crews! With twenty days until her pirate license expires, Marika pulls out all the stops to protect her ship.

Episode 23 (25 min)

Grand Cross, the pirate hunting ship, and the Parabellum share a mysterious connection that Marika aims to uncover.

Episode 24 (25 min)

The Wounded Benten


With the battle against the Grand Cross warship and Marika's secret plans for the pirate council, it's as exciting as it is dangerous to be a pirate!

Episode 25 (25 min)

Mysteries abound at the Pirate Council.  Where is the REAL Luca?  What is Kayne hiding?  And most importantly: is Ironbeard friend or foe?

Episode 26 (24 min)

There Go the Pirates


The Final showdown is here:  Marika vs. Quartz in an all out grudge match to claim ALL the booty.  An unexpected third challenger appears, adding fuel to the fire.


Episode 27 (2 min)


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