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Blue Spring Ride

Yoshioka Futaba has always had a complicated relationship with boys. But when the gentle Tanaka catches her eye, Futaba finds herself quickly falling in love. However, a misunderstanding causes Futaba's first love to be quickly crushed and before she can clear the air, he disappears from school, and it seems that Futaba's chance has slipped through her fingers for good. Now that she's in high school, a run-in with a familiar face brings up old memories and the chance to right past wrongs.

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Meeting alone for the first time, the attractive and soft-spoken Tanaka-kun and Futaba have an instant attraction. An unfortunate misunderstanding drove the two apart, but only time and fate will determine their future.

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Tanaka insists that Futaba refers to him as Kou, his new name since his parents divorced. He his hard on Futaba, but frequently finds himself comforting her while she discovers the meaning of true friendship.

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A new semester offers a new chance at new beginnings for Futaba. Will she be able to redeem her reputation from the previous year?

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Kou and Futaba are on their overnight class leadership trip. Will this trip bring them closer or pull them apart?

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It is time for the final challenge at the class leadership training trip and the team is feeling very positive. Are their egos clouding their judgment? Find out in this episode of Blue Spring Ride!

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With a friend's eyes set on Kou, Futaba contemplates whether she should give up on loving Kou or if she should admit to herself she still has feelings...

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Still conflicted with how to approach Yuuri and Kou with her secret feelings, she wants to come clean, but is it worth potentially losing a friend for a boy that may not even be interested in her?

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Finally admitting to Yuuri about her true feelings, Futaba is anxious to move a little closer to Kou. Will her efforts go unnoticed or will Kou begin to feel the same way she does?

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When Futaba and Yuuri decide they want to help Kou with his studies it becomes clear that jealousy may be too tough for the friends to handle, especially when one moves a little closer...

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Is it possible for Futaba and Yuuri to both be moving closer to Kou? It certainly begins to feel like a true possibility, but one confession may change everything...

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Sometimes it takes a storm to break down a door to heart that has experienced such heartbreaking loss and will go to all lengths to push everyone else that cares about them away...

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Kou is finally beginning to warm up to his friends and family which lightens everyone's mood and with summer vacation here the possibilities are endless for this group!