TV-14 -
Big O, The

As a combined hybrid of detective, mediator, and enforcer, Roger Smith’s primary resource is his keen, analytical mind, but it doesn’t hurt to have a mansion filled with gadgets, his butler Norman, and his attractive assistant Dorothy to fall back on. Additionally, for those times when cases end up “in dispute,” he also has the biggest, baddest back-up that any cop or small army could ever hope for: the Big O, a giant robot loaded with all the extras.

Act 01: Roger the Negotiator

A new client requests that Roger negotiate a deal with kidnappers, for the release of his daughter. Before long things go bad and Roger calls upon his secret weapon.

Act 02: Dorothy Dorothy

Roger goes looking for Dorothy and finds himself at a club called Nightingale. When Beck shows up too, things start to go sideways for our hero.

Act 03: Electric City

Angel, from the Paradigm Corporation, hires Roger to look into the cause of recent power outages. He soon discovers what waits in Electric City is more than he expected.

Act 04: Underground Terror

Roger reluctantly agrees to retrieve a manuscript from a man named Michael Seebachhas. The biggest problem with this job might not be that Michael disappeared months ago.

Act 05: Bring Back My Ghost

Roger’s latest case to find a man named Bonny just might also be connected to some strange occurrences with a string of military police vehicles crashing.

Act 06: A Legacy of Amadeus

In hopes of improving Dorothy’s piano skills, Roger takes her to meet his friend Instro. Unfortunately, their visit is interrupted by a stranger.

Act 07: The Call from The Past

While Roger is investigating the fishermen’s tale of a sea titan, Angel shows up and the two head into the watery abyss.

Act 08: Missing Cat

Dastun’s men are investigating a woman’s murder when Dorothy finds a lost cat. When the owners come to retrieve the cat, it and Dorothy are kidnapped!

Act 09: Beck Comes Back

Mr. Wise hires Roger to negotiate for the return of his kidnapped son, Francis. However, the end game for this job is more elaborate than Roger realized.

Act 10: Winter Night Phantom

Dastun keeps dreaming about a woman in white and after seeing her at a crime scene, he is positive that she is behind it! With Roger’s help, he’s determined to catch her.

Act 11: Daemonseed

Heaven’s Day is coming up and Roger is refusing to let anyone in his house celebrate it, upsetting Dorothy. While trying to reconcile with her, Roger’s skills are requested.

Act 12: Enemy as Another Big!

After accepting a new assignment, Roger learns of a new MegaDeus nearby! He takes Big O there and finds this new foe is covered in bandages.

Act 13: R-D

As Roger deals with his constant flashbacks, there’s a recent string of murders. All of the victims claim to have memories from before “The Event”. Can Angel help him?