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Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation-

Shotaro Tatewaki is a normal high school student, except for his unusual acquaintance. Sakurako Kujo is an attractive osteologist, a person who studies bones. Combining her obsession for “beautiful bones” with her forensic skills, Sakurako has a keen eye for homicide. Strangely, whenever he’s with her, Shotaro usually gets caught up in murder investigations.

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Bone 1: Bone-Loving Princess

Shotaro is an average kid, but when he’s with Sakurako, they find dead bodies. Under Sakurako’s orders, Shotaro unearths a human skull, leading to another mystery!

Episode 2: Bone 2: Where’s Your House?

A little girl waits for her mom outside a store, wearing a backpack stained with blood. Sakurako might be the only one able to figure out who she is and what happened to her.

Episode 3: Bone 3: The Bones that Sleep in Summer

Shotaro and Sakurako find a skeleton in the mountains. The deceased’s granddaughter believes the police wrongly determined the death a suicide, and asks for the duo’s help.

Episode 4: Bone 4: The The Cursed Man (Part One)

Officer Utsumi asks for Shotaro and Sakurako’s help with a friend who thinks he’s going to die prematurely due to a curse.

Episode 5: Bone 5: The The Cursed Man (Part Two)

Sakurako solves the mystery of Fujioka’s “curse”, which brings to light the existence of a mysterious art dealer. Despite celebrating, Fujioka makes a dangerous choice.

Episode 6: Bone 6: Asahi Bridge Irregulars

Kogami searches alongside her teacher, Isozaki, and Officer Utsumi for a mysterious woman among the crowds of a summer festival, certain that the woman is in danger.

Episode 7: Bone 7: The Entrusted Bones (Part One)

At Shotaro’s school festival, Sakurako is asked to sort the school’s bone collection. Shotaro discovers something about her that may alter their relationship.

Episode 8: Bone 8: The Entrusted Bones (Part Two)

Shotaro volunteers to aid Sakurako in delivering Sasaki’s remains to his family and the two find themselves in the middle of another semi-investigation.

Episode 9: Bone 9: Grandma’s Pudding

Sakurako and Shotaro attempt to help Yuriko find out which painting of her grandfather’s her grandmother wanted to give her.

Episode 10: Bone 10: A Butterfly Disappeared in November (Part 1)

As Sakurako enlists Shotaro’s help for the year’s final bone search, Isozaki calls to request their aid in finding a missing student.

Episode 11: Bone 11: A Butterfly Disappeared in November (Part 2)

Three of Isozaki’s students were inseparable until one vanished. As one of the remaining two disappears, Sakurako begins to assemble the bones of a more nebulous skeleton.

Episode 12: Bone 12: What Lies Beneath Sakurako...

With his life once again becoming far too normal, Shotaro recalls his initial impression of Sakurako and the first mystery they solved together.


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