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Battle Girls: Time Paradox

Hideyoshi finds herself far from the luxuries and comforts of modern technology when she is mysteriously transported to the Warring States era of Japan. In a place only inhabited by women, Oda Nobugana needs the legendary Crimson armor to rule the world…and for some reason she needs Hideyoshi’s help to do it!

Adventure Comedy Fantasy Slice of Life

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: A Maiden Teleported

Hideyoshino is an ordinary girl who visits a shrine on an ordinary day. Before she knows what's happening, she's attacked by sword-wielding female bandits!

Episode 2: A Confused Maiden

This new world in which Hideyoshi finds herself is exactly like the Warring States era....except there are only women!

Episode 3: Sky Maiden

Imagawa Yoshimoto is under attack by Nobunaga! Later, Nobunaga challenges Yoshimoto!

Episode 4: Confrontation Maiden

Uesugi and Takeda continue their fight over the armor. Meanwhile, Hideyoshi laments that her cell phone is broken!

Episode 5: Ghost Story Maiden

Hideyoshi goes hawk hunting with the rest of the group, but when they go after their prey they get more than they bargained for.

Episode 6: Memory Maiden

As the downpour continues, each girl reflects on her past.

Episode 7: Drama Maiden

Hideyoshi teaches the rest of the girls what a play is and how to perform it! As soon as everyone is up to speed, the competition begins for a leading role!

Episode 8: Fever Maiden

Nobunaga and Hideyoshi set out to recover the remaining pieces of armor, and Nobunaga falls victim to an ugly rumor. Later, Hideyoshi becomes ill.

Episode 9: Saigoku Maiden

When Hideyoshi is taken captive, Nobunaga sets out to save her and is overcome by a violent rage.

Episode 10: Double Suicide Maiden

Finally, all the pieces of armor are recovered! Hideyoshi's history book reveals a grim future for Nobunaga.

Episode 11: Thief Maiden

Once again, Nobunaga must recover the rest of the armor when it is taken again. Later, Masamune reveals the truth about the latest events to Hideyoshi.

Episode 12: Battle Maiden

When the Crimson Armor finally activates, it absorbs Ieyasu's black heart; the maidens struggle to overcome Ieyasu's newly found strength.

Episode 13: Sunlight Maiden

The fate of the battle girls is called into question one last time when they find someone's armor buried in the ruins of the castle.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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