TV-14 - TV Series
Atelier Escha & Logy: ~Alchemists of the Dusk Sky~

Escha Malier has always wanted to become an Alchemist and explore the ruins floating above her home town. Now she'll get her chance working in the R&D branch of the town's Alchemy department. However, she's not quite as ready for new coworker, Logy. They seem to be such total opposites! But as contaminants and pollution threaten the farmlands, they'll have to work together to seek out the causes. Because sometimes when one person alone can't save the world, two of them working in harmony can.

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Welcome to the Atelier!

Escha is an official alchemist at the city of Colset's R&D division and her first assignment is to fix the local mill with her new partner.

Episode 2: What’s a Witch?

Escha and Logy are tasked to provide assistance to a nearby village which is having a shortage of water.

Episode 3: I’ll Fight, Too!

Escha's recipe to purify the village's reservoir works, but the pollution continues and she travels upstream with Logy in search for the cause.

Episode 4: It’s a Barrel! It’s a Tail!

Escha attempts to make a copy of her tail tries to learn more about her late mother, who created it for her.

Episode 5: I Became a Senpai!

Lucille arrives from central to work on the R&D division under Escha and Logy. She quickly gets herself in trouble when she attempts to perform her duties without assistance.

Episode 6: Which is the Good Dessert?

Escha’s latest task leads to a little friendly competition for recipes to make with discarded apples.

Episode 7: It’s All Ms. Linca!

The members of the R&D division prepare for the arrival of an auditor when, Linca is spotted causing trouble around town and is put under suspicion.

Episode 8: Too Hot? It’s a Hot Spring Trip!

The R&D division is ready to take a vacation. Wilbell convinces them to accompany her on a hot springs trip near a volcano, unaware of her true intentions.

Episode 9: Oh No! The Dream is Going to Be Stolen!

Escha’s friend Threia issues a request to look for a way to reach the ruins but the R&D division is ordered to make preparations for another team to do so in their place.

Episode 10: Don’t Give Up!

While looking for key components to complete an airship Escha learns that Logy was involved in building them in the past, but a tragic accident made him abandon his dreams.

Episode 11: The Unexplored Ruins I’ve Dreamed Of!

The group meet an enigmatic girl named Flameu who drives them away from the ruins. Escha decides to return to the ruins in order to help her.

Episode 12: It’s Our Promise!

Escha and her friends confront return to the ruins to face Flameu. They attempt to free her from the device that binds her to the ruins.


Episode 13 (1 min)