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Aoharu X Machinegun

When high school student Hotaru Tachibana learns that her friend was conned by a host, Tachibana storms into the club demanding retribution. The host turns out to be her new neighbor, who challenges her to a “Survival Game” to cover the damages Tachibana inflicted on the club. Soon, Tachibana is swept up in the addictive world of “Survival Games” with the host, Matsuoka, and their third team mate, an ero-manga artist. The problem: Tachibana can’t let Matsuoka find out she’s really a girl!


Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Let's Start a Deathmatch Where We Don't Die

After discovering her friend was conned by a host, Tachibana storms into the host club for justice. What she doesn’t expect is to get roped into playing a Survival Game.

Episode 2: I Said We Didn’t Need Teammates, Right?

Tachibana finds herself basically kidnapped by Matsuoka to participate in her first Survival Game. Problems arise when the third member decides he doesn’t like Tachibana.

Episode 3: Because It's Going to Be Your Best Partner

Hotaru has finally worked off her debt, but she still feels the pull of the battlefield. She rejoins the team and goes to get her own gun with no idea what’s in store.

Episode 4: This One Isn't Suited for Entering That Tournament

Yukimura has some unresolved conflict with Midori. Later, Hotaru gets her first taste of survival games again, but her game is horrifically off.

Episode 5: I Don’t Want to Leave This Team

Hotaru feels like she’s been banished from Toy Gun Gun, but she ultimately learns the horrible truth about why Matsuoka refuses to let girls on his team.

Episode 6: A Storm Is Coming

Toy Gun Gun arrives at the TCG, but nothing could have prepared Hotaru for what she would find there.

Episode 7: I Have to Crush That Hope Quickly

The showdown between Midori’s team and Toy Gun Gun kicks off in a battle between two snipers, and Hotaru finds herself staring down the barrel of a powerful mingun.

Episode 8: What Controls Your Heart Now

Midori shows his true colors as he brutally renders Matsuoka and Yukimura completely helpless, leaving only Hotaru to face him in a final shoot off.

Episode 9: That's Why I'm Cool!

The day after TGC, Kanae orders a depressed Hotaru to stop playing survival games for her own safety. When Hotaru suddenly agrees, Kanae finds herself having second thoughts.

Episode 10: I Want to Fight With These People

An impromptu celebration turns sour when Matsuoka cuts Hotaru from the team without explanation. Hotaru decides to solve the problem by storming into Midori’s hospital.

Episode 11: Let’s Do Something Nice

Midori exploits Hotaru’s weakness by challenging her to a target shooting game. As Midori lines up the killing headshot, he tells her about his sinister plans for Matsuoka.

Episode 12: I Won’t Give Up This Spot!

Hotaru challenges Matsuoka to a duel on the survival game field. As the night wears on, with neither side willing to yield, Matsuoka finally faces his personal demons.