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Angelic Layer

Twelve-year-old Misaki finds herself swept away by the amazing world of Angelic Layer - a fast-paced high-tech game where dolls called Angels are controlled by the thoughts of their operator or Deus. Misaki begins competing in battles where will and determination count far more than size and strength. Can Misaki handle the pressure of non-stop competition while struggling to adapt to life in an unfamiliar city?

Episodes (26)

Episode 1: Hello! My Very Own Angel

Misaki goes to Tokyo to go to school as well as to meet her mom after seven years of separation. She loses her way at the train station and accidentally sees an "Angelic Fight" which she instantly falls in love with. Icchan introduces himself to the girl and gets her started in ANGELIC LAYER.

Episode 2: Let's Try Our Best, Hikaru! The First Fight!

Misaki goes to school for the first time this day and gets lost once again. She's able to meet Hatoko and Kotarou on her way, and in school she's also introduced to Kizaki. Later, Misaki is able to incidentally meet with Icchan and advises her to give Hikaru more serious clothes. After finishing the clothes, Icchan makes her join her first Angelic Fight.

Episode 3: Who Are You? Misaki's Heart Pounding Lesson

Icchan gets Misaki an Angel Card (a type of membership and priviledge card). He also makes Misaki practice by the tune of the music for movement coordination. While on practice, Oojirou introduces himself and joins in. Later on, a feisty Kyouko engages Misaki in another fight.

Episode 4: The Day The Angel Descended

With the start of the Tokyo Prequalifications, Misaki registers and tries a new Entry Line for Hikaru. We also see Hatoko fight with her own Suzuka. Later on, Misaki experiences another victory against another strong opponent.

Episode 5: I Don't Want To Lose! Please Believe In Hikaru

The day is a holiday thus so much of the stores are closed, including Piffle Princess. Hatoko doesn`t want to be lagged behind her training and persuades the storekeeper. Misaki faces one of her hardest fight yet and begins doubting herself, but she won anyway. However, Hatoko is not very happy the way Misaki acted but she prepares to declare Misaki as her rival.

Episode 6: Hatoko's Declaration Of Rivalry!!

Misaki wins three more battles. However, her AL performance is exactly the opposite of her athletic standing. She seems to be a total klutz in Physical Education; and later on she's been criticized that her straight victories were total flukes. On a later battle against Hatoko, she experiences her first painful loss in the Angelic Layer.

Episode 7: Fight To The Limit... Misaki's Last Chance

Misaki fights against Maria and her angel Tsubaki. Shimata Maria is a girl who had no friends since childhood because she was made to watch for his frail brother. She grows rebellious and plays Angelic Layer and she thinks Tsubaki is her only companion in life. Misaki teaches Maria a lesson or two about life and Angelic Layer.

Episode 8: Misaki vs. Misaki? The Dangerous Classmate

Ryou Misaki, a classmate of Misaki, is not very happy with her victories. Later on, some new angel accessories are released in Piffle Princess and everyone goes there, including the boy Misaki. Misaki's classmate then challenges her to a battle.

Episode 9: Sing Misaki! The Deus Is An Idol!?

Misaki finds out that the girl who encouraged her a while ago was Seto Ringo, the pop idol. In the Kantou game, she faces the Ringo the pop idol. Well-versed in Angel manipulation, Ringo gives Misaki a hard time decoding what`s behind her invisible attack.

Episode 10: The Mean Sisters! And The Targeted Hikaru

On this day of tournament, Misaki meets with some of the greatest players as well as bumping into some friends. However, there are two persons who were not into a serious battle and only think of defeating Suzuka after a shameful loss over the last year's tournament. Not so serious that they plot a cheat on Misaki-Hikaru tagteam.

Episode 11: The Match! Hikaru And Mao's Real Fight

With the cheat on Hikaru, Misaki is not able to totally control her angel. Oojirou comes to the rescue to keep Iris from using the cheat. Misaki wins in the end and the semi-finalists were confirmed.

Episode 12: Misaki And Kotarou - The Two`s Exciting Date

Realizing Hikaru has a weak point, Kotarou -- being a karatedo, tries to help Misaki to find it out by volunteering to teach her some of his Karate skills on a fine Sunday morning at the Kobayashi Dojo. The training turns out to be more than a training and the two discovered something not taught in any training. At the AL Main Control Headquarters, a new Layer system is being implemented to be used in the finals.

Episode 13: The Pure White Buranshe -- Kaede's Smile

In this episode we look at Kaede`s past and how she got involved with Angelic Layer. Later on, the semifinals started with Misaki having a battle with Kaede and her angel Buranshe. In this episode it is also revealed that Buranshe belongs to the first version of angels that has a hidden code inside it. Shuuko once again fails to come into the stadium.

Episode 14: I Won't Give Up! And an Angel Was Born

Continuing from the last episode, Buranshe shows her Hyper Mode. It was revealed it is a bug from the first generation of angel dolls that weren't recalled. The battle between Misaki and Kaede concludes.

Episode 15: Shirahime vs. Suzuka! Secret of the Ice Machine

The match between the "Rising Goddess" Hatoko and the "Ice Machine" Sai starts. The game gets rather stiff that no one seems to move. This episode also looks at Sai's past.

Episode 16: The Final Game! Hikaru's Last Chance

Misaki, upon having a hard time beating Sai and her Shirahime, realizes the weak spot which Sai, Hatoko and Icchan were talking about. She was able to turn the weak spot around by using the condition of the Layer's surrounding. And continuing with Sai's flashback, we saw how her late little sister helped Sai to start up with the Angelic Layer.

Episode 17: I Choose You! Misaki's Chosen Person

Tamayo fixes a victory/congratulatory party for Misaki over Shouko-san's house on a fine Sunday before the National (Zenkoku) Tournament. Hatoko reminded Misaki that she has to choose a Second to the Deus or Misaki will not be able to play for finals. With everybody at the party, she can choose whoever she wants.

Episode 18: Lots of Formidable Opponents!

This is the start of the Zenkoku Tournament. Misaki and Hatoko see the other twelve finalists with their respective Seconds from all over Japan. Included in the finalists group were Sai with Kaede as her Second; as well as Oojirou. Shuuko seems to be missing but later she had appeared. Jounouchi faces Tsubasa Bakenji, and the champion Suzuhara Shuuko displays her abilities on a fight.

Episode 19: System Down? A Battle Onboard a Boat Amidst a Storm!

For her first battle in the tournament, Misaki must square off against Chitose. To throw in a twist, the minds behind Angelic Layer have put the two on board a ship, and to make it even more interesting, being knocked overboard results in a ring out. And, for their final trick, a storm, but it seems that perhaps there's something wrong with the program, and they need to work quickly to restore its integrity before the fans, and the participants, realize what's happening.

Episode 20: The Enemy is Icchan? The Stuttering Second Match

Hatoko has gotten sick and needs to be taken away from the arena. Misaki is going to need a new Second to replace her, and it's going to need to be someone with a sharp tactical mind, especially with her next opponent. Icchan has brought in a new prototype Angel to show off to the fans, and it has some abilities that surpass even the best Angels in the Layer today.

Episode 21: The Summer Sea! Someone is in Love with Someone

Misaki and her friends take a little time out from the Angelic Layer tournament and set their sights on a day at the beach. Everyone is there, including Icchan and his companions, Misaki’s mother included, but as usual, circumstances keep the two apart. And, a love affair that has been blossoming is finally brought out into the open.

Episode 22: Suddenly Just the Two of Us. Secret Double Dates

Love is definitely in the air. Misaki has a date with Ohjiro and Tomoyo and a date with Kotaro. Misaki of course is blind to the obvious as always, but has an enjoyable time just talking with Ohjiro, but as of Momoyo and Kotaro, their day together is a little more troubling when they find themselves trapped in an elevator. And, the finals battle begins.

Episode 23: Break Up the Magic Wall! Misaki Versus Ohjiro

The bout between Misaki and Ohjiro continues, but it’s the rookie’s toughest battle yet. Hikaru has seen some fierce opposition, but nothing like Ohjiro’s Wizard, and his Angel’s Magic Guard is going to prove to be a difficult defense to overcome. However, Misaki finally learns the secret to break the technique, and one of the greatest battles finally begins.

Episode 24: Reach Misaki! This Thought Goes Over the Rainbow!

The last match before the championship round has started and it`s between Jounouchi Sai and the champion Shuuko. Seeing two great players in one match is truly a sight to see. Shuuko thinks of losing but Jounouchi knows her limitations. In the end, Shuuko shows her face in the crowd and one person is very much surprised to see her in a place, and in a position, like the champion.

Episode 25: Reunion of Destiny, Angels Wet with Tears

Having Misaki discovered that someone very dear in her heart is just very near to her, she goes out to think of things that suddenly bugged her. Amidst the rainfall on the pavement, Misaki and Shuuko faces each other for the first time in seven years. They were able to talk to each other over coffee. It was a dramatic scene, but the game has to go on.

Episode 26: Angel Wings! Please Guide Me and Hikaru!

The final game starts in a delayed time. With the final match between Athena and Hikaru, everybody is looking forward for such an eventful game. The teams were at their top form at that moment and it seems no one is giving up. But in the end, they have proven themselves and their principles.