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One morning, a young lady awakens to find that she has lost all her memories prior to that morning. Her life, her relationships, her very name – all gone. All that’s left is a cell phone with contacts she doesn’t recognize and Orion, a young boy only she can see. With Orion’s guidance, she struggles to make sense of herself, a boyfriend she doesn’t know and the little things that make up a daily life. With no memories left, the only alternative is to forge new ones, even if that means leaving old loves behind.

Drama Mystery Romance Shoujo

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: I

When our heroine awakes, she has no recollection of who she is or from whence she came. With the help of a spirit named Orion, she begins piecing together her life.

Episode 2: II

No one knows our heroine has lost her memories. Going about her daily routine, she suddenly remembers a conversation she had with Shin. The topic of conversation? Murder.

Episode 3: III

In order to refresh our heroine's memory, Shin reveals more about their relationship.

Episode 4: IV

We finally learn the truth about our heroine's accident.

Episode 5: V

Our Heroine tries to figure out why she was sent back in time.

Episode 6: VI

Our Heroine can't decipher which of Ikki's personality is the real one. Later, someone advises her to be looking over her shoulder.

Episode 7: VII

Heroine converses with Kent and tries to pretend that she is following, but she is fooling no one...least of all Kent.

Episode 8: VIII

Toma cares for our Heroine when she faints; the pair later go shopping, and it isn't long before our Heroine is approached by a trio of angry girls.

Episode 9: IX

Our heroine finds herself a reluctant guest at Toma's house....

Episode 10: X

Our heroine finally makes it home. She reads her diary and uncovers a new truth....

Episode 11: XI

Poor Heroine's days keep getting stranger and stranger.....Ukyo's split personalities either want to help her or hurt her, and it could mean danger.

Episode 12: XII

Ukyo's evil persona has his sights set on killing our Heroine. Ukyo finally catches up with our Heroine at a bell tower, where she has gone to escape him. Time has run out for one of them....


Episode 13 (2 min)


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