Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka

Junichi Nagase was a real delinquent in middle school, one nasty enough that he earned the nickame “Geno Killer,” and it’s by this less than flattering epithet that Yuuhi Katagiri first comes to know him when he rescues her from two thugs one evening.  Needless to say, both are stunned when not only does Yuuhi find herself transferred into the same high school class as “the Killer,” but that shock grows into outright stupefaction when Yuuhi shows up at Junichi’s house with the mind-blowing announcement that she’s supposed to move in with him!  It seems that they’re engaged, and since this is the first that Junichi and his younger sister Minato have first heard of the arranged marriage set up by their parents, it’s an idea that’s going to take a little getting used to.   Get ready for ties that bind and gag as bad boy and good girl collide cohabitationally while the entire school gets to watch!  Truth IS stranger than fiction in Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka

Comedy Romance Slice of Life

A Madder Red First Kiss

After rescuing Yuuhi from two delinquents, Jun'ichi gets more than he bargained for. Not only does Yuuhi transfer into Jun'ichi's class, but she also shows up at his house and declares that she is moving his fiancee!  

A Madder Red Approach

A scene from Yuuhi's past provides some background on the arranged marriage. Yuuhi and Jun'ichi have trouble adjusting, and Yuuhi spends her first night on the couch. Yuuhi and Minato spend time together and become better friends.

A Mysterious Scream

Jun'ichi's teacher Sugishita goes missing in an abandoned portion of the school. The student council president enlists Jun'ichi and his friends to search. While searching Jun'ichi and Yuuhi fall down a trap door into a pit.

An Indigo Mad Party

Karen Ayanokouji, Jun'ichi's classmate, invites him and his class to her party. He is dragged along by Minato. When they arrive, Jun'ichi, Yuuhi, and company find that the party is actually a formal event on a huge cruise ship.

A Madder Red First Date

Minato tricks Yuuhi and Jun'ichi into going on a movie date, which doesn't go well.

A Golden Yellow Montage

Karen invites Jun'ichi and his school friends (including their teacher) up to a mountain hotel resort to make up for the events of the cruise ship party.

A Steel Festival

It's the school Cultural Festival and Yuuhi, Karen, Fuyuhiko and Tsukasa (along with the rest of their classmates) are doing a Yakisoba café. However, they face tough competition from the Yakisoba stand put up by Minato and the tennis club.

A Twilight Desire

The students are given a career investigation assignment. Tsukasa sets out fulfill her recently-remembered dream of being an actor by applying and preparing for an audition.

A Madder Red Birthday

Junichi's birthday is just around the corner.  Minato is planning a special surprise party.  Yuuhi is conflicted about what present to give him, but Minato gives her a great idea.

A Madder Red Confusion

Yuuhi isn't feeling well and stays home from school.  What started as confusing feelings that morning finally becomes a true confession.  However the emotional conflict is not over since there are others whose feelings warrant consideration. 

A Madder Red Puzzlement

True love and friendship are put to the test. Jun'ichi is conflicted about Minato. Agent Nagase is due to come home, and it seems as though the answers to all the lies will surface.

A Madder Red Hill

Jun'ichi faces a big decision when he must finally make a decision.  

It’s the Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Hardcore OVA, Big Brother!!

Karen invites the whole gang to her family's private island. There's fun in the sun at the beach and plenty of girls in bikinis to torment Junichi after dark.  (RATED TV-MA)


Episode 14 (2 min)

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