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What happens when a big brother idolizes his little twin sisters? All sorts of mischief that’s what! Meet Rise and Airi, twin sisters who love to hang out with their friends, go to cute pastry shops and annoy their big brother. Watch as these adorable pint-size girls learn to navigate through life while making sure their brother doesn’t go too over the top.

A Sister-holic Brother and His Twin Sisters

Oh, no! As if getting up in the morning isn’t tough enough, Airi isn’t feeling well. How will Big Brother cheer her up?

Maco and Coco's Cooking Challenge!

Cooking is more fun with friends! Maco and her buxom sister Coco visit and help Big Brother make breakfast.

Kisaki's Kisa Kissa

What a long day! After meeting Big Brother's friend Kisaki, the girls take turns working on their waitressing skills.

Ravenous Ruha

You never know where you're going to make a new friend! After an unexpected encounter, the gang helps Ruha find the perfect snack.

Everyone Goes to the Hot Springs?!

There's nothing more relaxing than an afternoon in a hot spring! After a quick dip, the gang enjoys some festival fun but someone is missing...

Everyone Goes to the Beach!

Warm weather means it's time for a trip to the beach! While the gang enjoys playing in the ocean, Airi is hesitant to join them.

A Rival Appears?! Yamiry has Arrived!

There's a new restaurant in town! While the gang checks out the new eatery, Kisaki receives a challenge.

Three Dark Christmas Contests!

It's time to battle! Big Brother has to decide who's café is better: Kisaki's or Yamiry's.

A Heart-pounding New Year's?! It's a Sweet Sake Panic!

Happy New Year! Airi and Rise celebrate with a sweet cup of sake and Big Brother's zoni when unexpected visitors show up.

A Valentine's Chocolate Showdown!

It's time for a chocolate showdown! Yamiry and Kisaki battle over who has the best chocolate but Yamiry has a secret weapon.

Rise and Airi's Happy Birthday

It's time to celebrate! Even though it's Airi and Rise's special day, they want to help Big Brother by making him a yummy dinner.

It's Official! We're kisakiss6!

It's time to dance and sing! Kisaki recruits the girls into her pop group and while Airi and Rise are very nervous, Big Brother is there to cheer them on.