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AKB48 Ne-Mouse TV

The girls of AKB48 are at it again, and this time they'll be putting their "other" skills to the test in a set of challenges that will make them sing in victory, or wallow in defeat! This variety show will task the girls to complete challenges that are miles away from dance routines and pitch rehearsals, and will require them to go above and beyond what they're used to. How they complete the challenges is half the fun, so don't miss out on the fun with AKB48 NE-MOUSE!

Comedy Drama Sci-Fi

Episodes (11)

Episode 1: Coming of Age Resolution 2009

The girls meet up with Mr. Aoki, the Chief Editor of the Magazine FLASH. It is here that they learn they will become journalists and editors and must gather up information for a story that will get the readers attention.

Episode 2: FLASH X AKB48

Desperate for the best FLASH sealed section piece, the girls head out under the guidance of the professional photographers on how to get the best scoop. They also learn that being a celebrity photographer is hard work.

Episode 3: Shaking Hands with Animals

The girls are blindfolded and are led to the special Hand Shake event to learn who or what they will be shaking hands with.

Episode 4: Animal Handshake Event Part 2

The girls learn that this is a special "Animal Hand Shake Event" and in order to succeed, they must bond with the animals as their caretakers to get them to shake their hands.

Episode 5: “River” Promotional Video Shoot in New York

The girls go to New York to create a music video for their new single "River" with young creative directors from the United states east coast entertainment capital.

Episode 6: “River” Promotional Video Shoot in New York Part 2

To glam up the music video they are working on, the girls decide that the make-up they will use  will be African inspired with bright and vivid colors!

Episode 7: Become a University Professor

The girls learn that they did not produce enough footage for the upcoming season 3 of Ne-Mouse TV. They are tasked to give a lecture as a professor of Ne Mouse University.

Episode 8: Become a University Professor Part 2

In order to be good professors, the girls set out to do interviews with students to see what topics they would find interesting in learning about.

Episode 9: Self-Control Through Pottery

Being the centers of the AKB, Maeda and Matsui are chosen to learn self-control through pottery crafting.

Episode 10: Solidarity Camp ‘09

The girls learn that their single "River" has reached number one on the Oricon Chart. In order to stay at the top, the girls learn that they must have "Solidarity". As a result, they are sent to "Solidarity Camp" to learn how to remain unified.

Episode 11: Solidarity Camp Final Chapter

The girls are finishing their second have of solidarity camp by learning to cook a special curry dish that each must taste.

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