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Year 0048: All forms of entertaiment have been banned... until now! A group of bold young women have resurrected a legendary J-Pop band to form an all new Band of Sisters – AKB0048! But these rocking rebels aren’t simply singers. Trained in combat as well as choreography, these musicians are ready to lay down their lives to combat this threat to intergalactic harmony. As the new recruits enter basic training and the veterans provide the musical soundtrack, batons and battle gear are about to be passed to a new generation of daring divas in AKB0048!

Drama Sci-Fi

Episodes (13)

Episode 1 (27 min)

In a future where music has been banned, three teenage girls band together to defy the government and bring music back into the hearts of the citizens.

Episode 2 (25 min)

Nagisa, Orine, and Yuka are aboard a ship en route to the auditions. They meet other travelers with the same goal,  and they receive strange advice from a kid.

Episode 3 (25 min)

All the idol hopefuls begin idol training, which includes combat skills.

Episode 4 (25 min)

Kanata reveals her reasons for joining the group.

Episode 5 (25 min)

Their Day Off


Given the day off, the girls split into groups to enjoy their time off.

Episode 6 (25 min)

The trainees get ready for their first handshake event. However, Orine receives a hateful video that could spell disaster if she doesn't quit the group.

Episode 7 (25 min)

When Kanata, Mimori, and Chierie are chosen as stand-ins for the next concert, it provokes jealousy.

Episode 8 (25 min)

Kanata, Mimori, and the other understudies are asked to stand in at a concert where the music ban is in full swing.

Episode 9 (25 min)

Kanata fills in for Minami in an upcoming concert.

Episode 10 (25 min)

Makoto is concerned about her appearance in an upcoming shoot. Suzuko gets creative to help her out.

Episode 11 (25 min)

The understudies will make their debut performance on Nagisa's, Orine's, and Yuka's home planet. Nagisa is to perform a solo.

Episode 12 (25 min)

Nagisa, Chieri, and Orine narrowly escape capture. Meanwhile, the WOTA offer to help rescue Nagisa's father.

Episode 13 (25 min)

Tsubasa recalls what Atsuko taught her. Meanwhile, familial support for one of the girls gives her her voice back.


Episode 14 (1 min)


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