Anime Network Online's New Website Open Beta

Following the release of our Roku channel, our enterprising team of developers, code monkeys, and testers have been hard at work on a new and improved website for Anime Network Online. We are happy to announce that ANO 3.0 is now released as an open Beta!

Demo the new site's upgraded functionality, enhanced features, and contemporary design!

What Is New:

  • Updated design and layout
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Enhanced HTML5 video player
  • Browse by genre
  • Favorite Shows – Keep track of the shows you love to watch
  • Queue – Manage the videos you want to watch
  • Paused Videos – Pick up watching where you left off
  • Suggestions – Find new titles to watch, based off the shows you already love
  • Fun and interactive “Get Lucky” spinner – For when you can’t decide what to watch

* Some features require a Premium Subscription

We have also made extensive improvements to the online and VOD schedules, as well as the news blog.

Now, remember that this release is a Beta, so it may still have some glitches and wet paint. Which leads us to...

We want to hear your thoughts!

Since our powers of telepathy have not been unlocked, we made a special section in our forums RIGHT HERE for you to talk with our awesome Admins and Mods!

Found a bug? Not sure how something works? Want to suggest a feature for a later update? Let us know! Our Admins are here to help and will report your feedback to the development team.


Disclaimer: No developers or code monkeys were harmed in the making of this website.