Take a half-dozen scantily clad gals, a sixteen-year-old with newfound supernatural powers, and an army of unstoppable enemies… What do you have? Just another day in the life of Tomokazu Mikuri, the bumbling hero of Yumeria! It could have been a dream come true for this girl-crazy loser, but the more time he spends trying to save the world, the more it becomes a nightmare. It doesn’t help that his curvaceous crew of housemates and heroines have taken an interest in super-skimpy swimsuits! But if Tomokazu doesn’t rein in his hormones, the evil enemies will defeat mankind without a fight. On the other hand, if this disc weren’t packed with skirt-chasing, peek-taking, half-naked, bouncing, blushing mishaps, it just wouldn’t be the oh-so-revealing second volume of Yumeria!

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  • 16th Birthday1 - 16th BirthdayDubbed[Guest]
  • Tomokazu Zero Points2 - Tomokazu Zero PointsDubbed[Guest]
  • Bloomer V3 - Bloomer VDubbed[Guest]
  • Operation School Swimsuit4 - Operation School SwimsuitDubbed[Guest]
  • Girl Watching at the Dream Beach5 - Girl Watching at the Dream BeachDubbed[Guest]
  • The Yukata Master6 - The Yukata MasterDubbed[Guest]
  • The Reverse Re-Incarnating Woman7 - The Reverse Re-Incarnating WomanDubbed[Guest]
  • Our Reason8 - Our ReasonDubbed[Guest]
  • Bunny Man9 - Bunny ManDubbed[Guest]
  • The Taste of Katsudon10 - The Taste of KatsudonDubbed[Guest]
  • Destiny Transformation11 - Destiny TransformationDubbed[Guest]
  • Tomokazu, 100 Points12 - Tomokazu, 100 PointsDubbed[Guest]
  • TrailerTrailerDubbed[Guest]
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