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  • Early Summer of Chance Meeting1 - Early Summer of Chance MeetingSubtitled[Guest]
  • Night Sky of Near Approach2 - Night Sky of Near ApproachSubtitled[Guest]
  • Sandy Beach of Scorched Heat3 - Sandy Beach of Scorched HeatSubtitled[Guest]
  • Lake Shore of Sudden Shower4 - Lake Shore of Sudden ShowerSubtitled[Guest]
  • Flowering Buds of Shed Tears5 - Flowering Buds of Shed TearsSubtitled[Guest]
  • Slight Fever of Wet Skin6 - Slight Fever of Wet SkinSubtitled[Guest]
  • Jealous Envy of Tree Tops7 - Jealous Envy of Tree TopsSubtitled[Guest]
  • Impulsive Urge of Scattered Petals8 - Impulsive Urge of Scattered PetalsSubtitled[Guest]
  • Painful Itch of Romantic Love9 - Painful Itch of Romantic LoveSubtitled[Guest]
  • Second Encounter of Life and Death10 - Second Encounter of Life and DeathSubtitled[Guest]
  • Surging Wave of Parting and Separation11 - Surging Wave of Parting and SeparationSubtitled[Guest]
  • Poem Verse of Fragmented Pieces12 - Poem Verse of Fragmented PiecesSubtitled[Guest]
  • Summer Pair of Early Winter13 - Summer Pair of Early WinterSubtitled[Guest]
  • EXTRA: ClipEXTRA: ClipSubtitled[Guest]
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