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One Man vs. an Empire!  Through fear and conquest, the Empire of Valdana holds the future of most of human space within its iron hands, and for generations, those hands have belonged to the Landless Lords of the ruling Tytania dynasty.  But now the foundation of the empire is crumbling, pockets of rebellion are forming and when a mission sent to punish the city-state of Euriya is shockingly defeated, the man responsible becomes the target of a galaxy-wide manhunt!  For Fan Hyurlick, architect of Tytania’s first defeat, glory becomes desperation as his own side betrays him.  Now Fan must not only save his own life, but somehow turn the tables on opponents who have whole worlds to command!  The legendary team of character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto and director Noboru Ishiguro, who redefined action anime in the legendary MACROSS, reunite to create a new, epic space opera for the ages in the spectacular TYTANIA!


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1: Battle at Cerberus Guest
Battle at Cerberus
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The Valdana Empire – the most powerful state in the universe – is in reality ruled not by its Emperor, but by a family called Tytania. Ajumarn Tytania is the current “Landless Clanner” (Landless King), and heads the formidable family with four young Tytania dukes.  Their grip on power was thought to be everlasting… It is on Emperor Harsha IV’s birthday that one of the dukes, Ariabert Tytania, leads his space warship fleet to attack the border city-state of Euria.  With an overwhelming advantage in numbers over the feeble Eurian fleet, no one doubted Ariabert’s victory. No one, except for Duke Jusran Tytania.  He cannot help feeling inexplicably uneasy…  
2: The Four Princes of Uranibolg (Castle in Heaven) Guest
The Four Princes of Uranibolg (Castle in Heaven)
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The huge artificial space orb “Uranibolg” – or Castle in Heaven – serves as headquarters for the Tytania.  It is here in this “Castle in Heaven” overlooking Lutech, the central planet of the Valdana Empire, that the four young Tytania dukes gather, at Ajumarn’s beckoning.  The Meeting of the Five Families is to be held.  At the Meeting, Ariabert becomes target of acute criticism from both Duke Zarlish and Idrice, after his most un-Tytanian defeat.  Ajumarn, on the other hand, does not accuse young Ariabert, but rather questions why the enemy chose the completely unknown Fan Hyulick to lead their fleet.  Meanwhile, no hero’s welcome awaits young Fan Hyulick after his victory against the mighty Tytania.  He was also facing an unexpected twist of fate…  
3: Conditions of a Hero Guest
Conditions of a Hero
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Fan Hyulick flees to the planet Ermentahl, after the Mayor of Euria betrays him in favor of the Tytania.  But here, too, Tytania hunts him down.  In Ermentahl, Fan Hyulick is already a wanted man.  Fan is captured by Alses Tytania’s men while looking for work.  Zarlish’s beautiful and bewitching brother then makes an audacious offer.  He invites Fan, victor against a Tytanian fleet in battle, to join the Tytanian fold.  Death, if Fan refuses.  The Resistance comes just in time to rescue the trapped Fan.  With them is Lira, the girl Fan met at the space airport.  
4: Lira’s Resolve Guest
Lira’s Resolve
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Fan Hyulick makes a narrow escape from Alses Tytania’s mansion.   His rescuers, including Lira Florenz, turn out to be survivors of Casabianca, a principality annihilated by the Tytania.  Meanwhile, Alses’s men are hard on Fan’s heels.  By capturing the wanted Fan, Alses is plotting to make a come back to the Tytanian headquarters, “Castle in Heaven (Uranibolg)”.  In the face of Alses’s unrelenting pursuit, Fan is finally chased down as he attempts to flee from Lira’s apartment.  While Lira fights tenaciously, it is an unexpected rescuer who saves Fan…  
5: Admiration and Pride Guest
Admiration and Pride
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The grand duchy Tulansia’s Grand Duke has died.  The head of one of the universe’s three major space ports was related to Valdana’s ruling family by marriage. The heir-apparent is the young pro-Tytania Grand Duchess Laetitia, but soon suspicious movements begin to show within the duchy.  In response, Jusran Tytania decides to pay Tulansia a visit, as special envoy from the Tytania.  He also plans to check on Elwin Reiser, a military officer he personally stationed there.  Elwin and the Duchess Laetitia have turned out to be childhood friends.  The Grand Duchess, who strongly admires the Tytania, welcomes Jusran.  However, an ill-fated uprising led by Tulansia’s Commander and Chief of Staff causes the situation to quickly deteriorate into tragedy.  
6: Battle of Syracusa Guest
Battle of Syracusa
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The Tytania – Tulansia negotiations have collapsed. Tulansia’s ruling class, having lost the Grand Duchess Laetitia through its own foolish plot, calls upon the neighboring nations and the Allied anti-Tytania Forces to stage a united front against the Tytania. Upon hearing the news, a number of the Valdana aristocrats who resent the Landless King Ajumarn move to persuade the head of the military and Ajumarn’s elder brother Estolardo to stage a coup d’état. Meanwhile, at the “Castle in Heaven (Uranibolg)”, Ajumarn and the four dukes prepare to suppress the rebellion. Despite Zarlish’s vociferous eagerness to punish Tulansia, Ajumarn makes a surprising choice in who is to lead in the fighting – Ariabert, the now noted loser at the Battle of Cerberus.  
7: Under the Flag of the Shooting Star Guest
Under the Flag of the Shooting Star
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Ariabert emerges victorious, thanks to Jusran’s strategy. However, Tulansia is destroyed.  And its surviving army, bitter and homeless, has now turned into pirates, terrorizing the surrounding space route.  The spaceship “Honest Old Man”, with Fan Hyulick as crew, makes a stop at the planet Kaganort to refuel.  The planet, once prosperous and hailed as the Million Dakar Port, is now in sad devastation, victim to plundering by the pirates.  In addition to the general lawlessness, the Tulansia’s fall has cut off vital trade routes, causing inflation.  In this land of thugs, Miranda takes Fan to see the smuggler-merchant Dolman.  
8: Two Meetings Guest
Two Meetings
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The mob of anti-Tytania pirates, the Army of the Shooting Star, takes “Little Big Horn”, the Tytanian army’s key fortress.  After losing Lieutenant Lancaster whom he had dispatched to stop the pirates, Zarlish decides to lead the fight himself.  Ajumarn appoints Jusran as second in command – but this was a measure to check the movements of his elder brother Estolardo.  He wanted Jusran to accompany Estolardo’s son Balami in the operation.  Meanwhile, anti-Tytania elements were gathering quickly under Dolman’s Shooting Star Army.  But in the midst of rising morale, Fan’s crew doesn’t wish to fight alongside Dolman.  They slip away and leave Kaganort.  
9: The Little Storm Guest
The Little Storm
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A curious guest pays a visit to the “Castle in Heaven (Uranibolg)”, the Tytania’s headquarters.  She is Princess Lydia of the Kingdom of Elving.  She has come to personally offer herself as hostage directly to Ajumarn, in exchange for the Tytania’s rescinding its demands for control over Elving’s main industry – the energy industry – and its mines.  Lydia’s forthcoming and honest actions lead to trouble for Jusran, his adjutant Balami and Lydia’s lady in waiting Francia, but Ajumarn chooses to overlook events as they unfold.  Jusran, moved by Lydia’s convictions, promises to speak to Ajumarn about rescinding demands to turn over the energy mines.  Seeing this, Balami grows suspicious of Jusran…  
10: The Fall of Euria Guest
The Fall of Euria
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Euria’s Mayor has been assassinated, in a plot masterminded by Idrice.  Lieutenant Berthier, Hyulick’s former superior, had secretly agreed to carry out the murder in exchange for a position among Idrice’s staff.  In addition, Dolman, the leader of the Army of the Shooting Star, had also sold information about Hyulick and his crew, upon surrendering to Zarlish’s fleet.  After a narrow escape from Zarlish’s men thanks to Miranda, the “Honest Old Man” makes a landing on the planet Balgash.  There, Hyulick is reunited with his former men, Pajess and Valenkoff.  But his mind keeps recalling Lira – he was starting to miss the girl he’d left behind in Ermentahl. And at the very moment on Ermentahl, Lira was facing the biggest threat of her life…  
11: A Heinous Trap Guest
A Heinous Trap
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The spaceship “Honest Old Man” carrying Hyulick and crew barely shake off the Tytania’s pursuit and make it to the planet Balgash.  At that moment on Ermentahl, Berthier, who recently crossed over to the Tytania’s side, proposes to Alses a way to lure his former inferior officer Hyulick.  He makes Alses announce to the entire universe that he would capture Lira – the girl Hyulick fell for – in Ermentahl and hold a public execution.  Even Tytania’s own, Jusran and Ariabert, are disgusted with this heinous trap.  Hyulick, while fully aware of Alses’s dirty trick, decides to head for Ermentahl to save Lira.  
12: To Ermentahl Guest
To Ermentahl
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Hyulick heads for Ermentahl to save Lira, knowing full well that it is Alses’s trap.  Awaiting his ship is Berthier, Hyulick’s former superior who has now switched sides to become one of Tytania’s men.  His aim:  to get back at Hyulick for foiling his plot at Euria.  But Hyulick’s ship, once having entered Ermentahl’s orbit, comes to a halt.  Tensions rise as both armies refuse to budge.  By the time Berthier, having run out of patience, orders for a full attack, a separate incident was developing on the ground at Ermentahl.  With the space port closed, friction between the crew of a transport ship and the port personnel was growing.  
13: The End and a Beginning Guest
The End and a Beginning
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Despite having at one time saved Lira, Hyulick loses her forever at Alses’s hands.  Hyulick vows revenge.  Fearing onslaught from Hyulick, Alses asks the “Uranibolg” (Castle in Heaven) for protection.  Surprisingly, Tytania’s head Ajumarn orders not Alses’s elder brother Zarlish, but Idrice.  Idrice orders Alses to come to “Uranibolg” with one ship only.  Alses in turn orders a fleet of four ships to take a different route, in the hopes of throwing Hyulick off.  Hyulick, on the other hand, wiretaps to pinpoint the ship carrying Alses, and orders an all out attack.  But strangely, Idrice’s fleet, who is supposedly guarding Alses, does not move.  
14: Lutech Burning Guest
Lutech Burning
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Having lost her beloved son Alses at Hyulick’s hands, Telyza directs all her anger at Alses’s older brother Zarlish.  She commands him to take revenge.  Meanwhile, Hyulick disappears from the “Honest Old Man”, and secretly makes his way to Casabianca, Lira’s homeland.  As Zarlish goes off to avenge his brother’s death, Ulanibolg’s defense becomes dangerously inadequate.  The anti-Tytania forces within Valdana begin preparing to seize their chance.    Estolardo, harboring complex feelings towards the current Clanner and step brother Ajumarn, also takes part.  But seeing that the uprising is doomed, Balami steps in to talk his father out of it…  
15: Like a Grain of Wheat Guest
Like a Grain of Wheat
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Jusran leads the operation that stamps out anti-Tytania forces within the Valdana statesmen, but this is achieved with high cost to the Tytania, including loss of Balami’s father Estolardo.  While Ariabert lauds his success, Jusran cannot help having mixed feelings.  Meanwhile, Hyulick is in Casabianca.  There he meets Karen, a shoeshine he had met before on Ermentahl.  Though still grieving over Lira’s death, spending time with the good-hearted girl enables him to decide to stop fleeing and face the Tytania.  Just at that moment, men Idrice dispatched through Berthier with orders to arrest Hyulick were nearing Casabianca. 
16: Smoke Signal for Counterattack Guest
Smoke Signal for Counterattack
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Hyulick, who had left without saying a word, returns to the “Honest Old Man” – to an ecstatic welcome from the broke and dispirited Miranda and crew.  At around the same time, a disappointed Zarlish also returns to “Castle in Heaven (Uranibolg)”, having gone on an unauthorized wild-goose chase after Hyulick based on what turned out to be fake intelligence.  Surprisingly, Clanner Ajumarn does not hold Zarlish accountable and gives him official orders to defeat Tytania’s declared enemy.  Meanwhile, Hyulick proposes to Miranda to go after the 2.5 million Dakars on his own head.  If he is caught in Estahl, where Tytania’s influence is weak, Hyulick should be able to escape again...  
17: A Too Costly Ransom Guest
A Too Costly Ransom
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With no news of Hyulick’s whereabouts, Zarlish is growing agitated. Unseen, the cool Idrice is enjoying this. Jusran and Ariabert are equally concerned: while he may be invincible in pitched battle, Zarlish is probably not suited for the job of chasing down a single wanted enemy.  Then, Zarlish receives news of Hyulick’s capture on Estahl, a planet on the outskirts. Hyulick had planned his own capture, in order to receive the prize money.  Mafdy, disguised as a bounty hunter, gives Hyulick over in exchange for part of the money. But he then finds himself followed. He tries to shake Tytania’s men off his tail in a casino, but…  
18: Prison Satellite Chronos Guest
Prison Satellite Chronos
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Hyulick gives himself over to Tytania forces in order to save Mafdy and crew, but it is in fact the guards of planet Estahl who take him into custody.  As a non-member of the Valdana Empire, the Estahl government holds him citing their territorial policing rights.  Zarlish meets Hyulick for the first time at Estahl, but its President Kannack refuses to hand him over unless an official request was issued in the name of Clanner Ajumarn. He then transfers Hyulick to the prison satellite of Chronos without telling Zarlish. It is said no one can escape from Chronos.  Meanwhile, at the “Honest Old Man”, Dr. Lee was busy planning Hyulick’s rescue.  
19: The Radomos Incident Guest
The Radomos Incident
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At Valdana Empire’s capital Lutech’s Crystal Palace, Idrice is named military minister after Estolardo Tytania, who died in the failed coup d’etat.  To widen his sphere of influence, Idrice then calls his younger brother Radomos to Uranibolg (Castle in Heaven) to appoint him leader of the guards. Uncultured and rude, Radomos begins causing trouble the moment he arrives, when he aggravates Lydia and ends up in a fight with Balami who tries to help her.  Clanner Ajumarn calls Jursan and Idrice, and holds them accountable for the inner strife. As neither shows any signs of cooperating with the other, Ajumarn hands down his sentence…
20: Storming Chronos Guest
Storming Chronos
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Hyulick is imprisoned within Estahl’s prison satellite Chronos. At his mother Thereza's demand, Zarlish continues to push for Hyulick to be handed over, but Estahl’s President Kannack does not yield.  Meanwhile, Miranda, Mafdy, and crew of the “Honest Old Man” were preparing Hyulick’s rescue operation.  Frustrated at failing to persuade Estahl, Zarlish commands his fleet to take Hyulick by force, Chronos and all.  But at that very moment, news reaches from Chronos that there has been a riot within the prison. Hyulick has been severely beaten, and is now in a coma.  Wanting him alive, Zarlish then has his Tytania soldiers storm Chronos, but...
21: Chance Meeting at Estahl Guest
Chance Meeting at Estahl
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Hyulick flees from Chronos in the confusion that ensues in the prison riot.  There he rejoins the “Honest Old Man” hiding in the desert at Estahl.  At that moment, news of Hyulick’s death is brought to Ulanibolg (Castle in Heaven).  As Zarlish had already left Estahl, Ajumarn moves to appoint Jusran to go claim Hyulick’s body.  Idrice, however, is suspicious.  In order to stop Jusran, he lays a cunning trap for Balami, Jusran’s right hand man under disciplinary confinement.  Balami escapes just in time.  With Jusran’s help, he is allowed to accompany the mission as assistant in the negotiations with the government of Estahl, now under planetary blockade.  What awaits them is…
22: Prelude to Ambition Guest
Prelude to Ambition
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Hyulick disappears from Estahl.  Meanwhile, Jusran wins occupation of Estahl by Tytania’s army and relinquishment of free trade from Estahl’s President Kannack, for lying an empty coffin contained Hyulick’s body.  As Jusran reports to Clanner Ajumarn, Zarlish and Idrice accuse him of having let Hyulick escape.  But Ajumarn does not hold Jusran responsible.  Seeing Jusran freely choosing a post for Balami who barely escaped with his life, further enrages Idrice.  This bitter hatred all started when Idrice was 14.  His father was involved in an accident…
23: Rat in the Desert Guest
Rat in the Desert
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Hyulick and crew of the “Honest Old Man” have escaped to the border planet Balgash. There, he and Miranda visit a bar in order to make contact with anti-Tytania forces, and receive a hearty welcome from the drunken crowd there. Just then, the bar is raided by the Tytania soldiers, but Sarah the bartender helps them escape.  Sarah takes the two to a cave in the Talhari Desert – the headquarters for the Balgash anti-Tytania forces. Hyulick meets its leader, Ibn Quasim.  But at this point, Zarlish’s special task fleet has located Hyulick.  And Tytania’s infantry unit begins descent.  
24: Honest Old Man Guest
Honest Old Man
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The Tytania army ignores protests from the Balgash government security forces, and proceeds to a full-blown attack on the cave in the Talhari.   Miranda and the crew’s “Honest Old Man” arrive just in time to respond, immediately followed by the Army of the Shooting Star fleet of four ships, led by Doctor Lee. Together they defeat the Tytania, but at a high cost. The “Honest Old Man” is damaged beyond repair. The crew join the anti-Tytania army.  Meanwhile, Zarlish, who has landed on Balgash, pushes for ground battle, despite advise to the contrary from Granite, his adjutant officer.  At this moment, the Balgash government was also planning its own independent attack on the Tytania, exasperated with its unlawful behavior. 
25: Showdown Under the Scorching Sun Guest
Showdown Under the Scorching Sun
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Zarlish’s fleet continues attack on the already heavily damaged “Honest Old Man”, as if to make an example of it.  Miranda and Captain Kashmir can do nothing but watch.  But they are not allowed time for sentimentalities, as Zarlish moves to advance his attack on the anti-Tytania force headquarters on the Talhari Desert.  Meanwhile, the Balgash army tries to contact Zarlish in order to halt further unlawful attacks on their land, but to no avail.  The former Army of the Shooting Star leader Dolman offers himself as commander in response.  As his ground force is about to land, open battle breaks between the Balgash army, who steps in to stop Dolman, and Zarlish’s fleet.
26: Final Act – Requiem Guest
Final Act – Requiem
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After abandoning his destroyed flagship Typhoon, Zarlish leads his men in pursuit of Hyulick, who is hiding in the cave in the Talhari Desert that housed the anti-Tytania army.  Up above, fierce fighting continued between the Balgash and Tytania fleets.  The tide had unexpectedly turned against the Tytania army, as shock spread at news of the loss of its flagship.  Meanwhile, on the ground, Tytania soldiers were falling left and right inside the cave from asphyxia, having fallen into the anti-Tytania force’s trap.  Zarlish alone continues to fight on with superhuman strength, and finally comes face-to-face with Hyulick.  Not realizing his long-sought target is right in front of him, Zarlish falls upon Hyulick with all his might.