Phoron Tatara’s no ordinary musician… as one of the rare Dantists who can summon elder spirits using music called Commandia, his gift is so strong that his spirit partner is none other than the infamous Corticarte Apa Lagranges. Sure, she may LOOK like a young girl in her human form, but you don’t get nicknames like “the Crimson Annihilator” and “the Bloody Duchess” for sitting back and watching the daisies grow. Now, at the behest of the Tsuge Divine Music Player Office, this dynamic duet travels the continent of Polyphonica on Phoron’s combination motorcycle/organ, following the song of the open road, orchestrating rescues and generally fixing whatever’s baroque! Some musicians wait for a muse to hit them, but Phoron makes his work for scale in POLYPHONICA!

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  • The Crimson Spirit1 - The Crimson SpiritSubtitled[Guest]
  • The Watching Spirit2 - The Watching SpiritSubtitled[Guest]
  • The Left-Behind Item on the Ocean Bed3 - The Left-Behind Item on the Ocean BedSubtitled[Guest]
  • The Day It All Began4 - The Day It All BeganSubtitled[Guest]
  • Affannato: The Bond of Betrayal5 - Affannato: The Bond of BetrayalSubtitled[Guest]
  • Scherzo: The Reason to be Together6 - Scherzo: The Reason to be TogetherSubtitled[Guest]
  • Violenza - Black Pursuers7 - Violenza - Black PursuersSubtitled[Guest]
  • Serenade: Between Human and Spirit8 - Serenade: Between Human and SpiritSubtitled[Guest]
  • Serenade: The Tale of a Divine Song Player9 - Serenade: The Tale of a Divine Song PlayerSubtitled[Guest]
  • Ballade: What Comes after Hatred10 - Ballade: What Comes after HatredSubtitled[Guest]
  • Requiem: The Singing Spirit11 - Requiem: The Singing SpiritSubtitled[Guest]
  • Symphony: The Divine Song of the Rainbow12 - Symphony: The Divine Song of the RainbowSubtitled[Guest]
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