Nanaka 6/17

Growing up can be painful. Especially when you fall down a flight of stairs, suffer severe head trauma, and wake up with the mental capacity of a kindergartner. Ouch! Now, 17-year-old Nanaka Kirisato has to grow up all over again. If she thought fitting in as an unpopular bookworm was hard, subtracting eleven years certainly won’t help. Throw in a mullet-headed boy bully, a karate-chopping girl bully, a bullheaded best friend, and a barrage of schoolyard battles, and Nanaka's problems multiply infinitely!

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  • Nanaka Kirisato, 6 Years Old1 - Nanaka Kirisato, 6 Years OldDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka the Pianist2 - Nanaka the PianistDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka the Big Sister3 - Nanaka the Big SisterDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka: Three Good Friends4 - Nanaka: Three Good FriendsDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka & the Three-Person Date5 - Nanaka & the Three-Person DateDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka & the School Trip6 - Nanaka & the School TripDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka & the Rest of the Trip7 - Nanaka & the Rest of the TripDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka the Nurse8 - Nanaka the NurseDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka & the Cultural Festival9 - Nanaka & the Cultural FestivalDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka 17 to Nanaka 610 - Nanaka 17 to Nanaka 6Dubbed[Guest]
  • Domical Nanaka11 - Domical NanakaDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka Kirisato ~ 17 Years Old12 - Nanaka Kirisato ~ 17 Years OldDubbed[Guest]
  • Nanaka the Distraction13 - Nanaka the DistractionDubbed[Guest]
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