Kill Me Baby

Sonya is trying to balance her life as an assassin by attending a normal high school. Yasuna is a vapid and unassuming follower who has no idea of the danger that follows Sonya. The two of them together are a super cute and super violent concoction that you won’t be able to get enough of!

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  • Sneaking Dog, Blossoming Cherry 1 - Sneaking Dog, Blossoming Cherry Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Nunchaku Skills Bear Balloon2 - Nunchaku Skills Bear BalloonDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Cursed Psychic Rain Wrestling3 - Cursed Psychic Rain WrestlingDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Ice Cream Scream Watermelon4 - Ice Cream Scream WatermelonDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Buggy Festival Sea Dolls5 - Buggy Festival Sea DollsDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Navel Mechanism Paper Doll Ice6 - Navel Mechanism Paper Doll IceDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Culture Beanbag Jousting Duel7 - Culture Beanbag Jousting DuelDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Sticking, Strumming, Stabbing8 - Sticking, Strumming, StabbingDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Fishing Hammer's Spawn Branch Forgotten9 - Fishing Hammer's Spawn Branch ForgottenDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Santa Icicle Snow Mantra10 - Santa Icicle Snow MantraDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Bath Kite Rice Cake New Year's First Dream11 - Bath Kite Rice Cake New Year's First DreamDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Drowsy Chocolate Injury Compress12 - Drowsy Chocolate Injury CompressDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Make the Kill Me and Make Me Your Baby13 - Make the Kill Me and Make Me Your BabyDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • TrailerTrailerSubtitled[Guest]
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