When Shinobu was still in middle school, she had the amazing opportunity to study in England while living with a host family as an exchange student. Several years later, the daughter of her host family, Alice Cartelet, is coming to stay with her and study in Japan. But will Alice be able to fit in with Shinobu’s Japanese schoolfriends, Youko and Aya?

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  • ... In Wonderland1 - ... In WonderlandSubtitled[Guest]
  • Even If I'm Small2 - Even If I'm SmallSubtitled[Guest]
  • What Kind of Friends Will I Make3 - What Kind of Friends Will I MakeSubtitled[Guest]
  • Aya, Nervous in the Rain4 - Aya, Nervous in the RainSubtitled[Guest]
  • Together with Onee-chan5 - Together with Onee-chanSubtitled[Guest]
  • Golden Alice, Golden Karen6 - Golden Alice, Golden KarenSubtitled[Guest]
  • Hungry Karen7 - Hungry KarenSubtitled[Guest]
  • What Day is it Today8 - What Day is it TodaySubtitled[Guest]
  • Who Isn't Sleeping?9 - Who Isn't Sleeping?Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Wonderful Five10 - The Wonderful FiveSubtitled[Guest]
  • Try Guessing How Much I Like You11 - Try Guessing How Much I Like YouSubtitled[Guest]
  • Golden Moment12 - Golden MomentSubtitled[Guest]
  • TrailerTrailerSubtitled[Guest]
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