Golgo 13

His targets never see it coming, and he’s never caught.  If there is a witness to the kill, that poor SOB winds up dead too.  People say he’s a ghost.  A machine.  A monster.  He’s Golgo 13, the most feared assassin in the world, the professional’s professional, the killer of killers.  And now he’s back with 13 targeted missions that will keep you glued to the screen (and away from the windows).  Load up for high-powered, bullet-riddled action with Golgo 13!

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  • At Pin-Hole!1 - At Pin-Hole!Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Room No. 9092 - Room No. 909Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Masterpiece Assault Rifle3 - The Masterpiece Assault RifleDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Pretty Woman4 - Pretty WomanDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Superstars' Joint Appearance5 - The Superstars' Joint AppearanceDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • An Offering to God6 - An Offering to GodDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Sharpshoot on the G String7 - Sharpshoot on the G StringDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Action in 4/248 - Action in 4/24Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Sleep Inside the Cage9 - Sleep Inside the CageDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Target Returned10 - The Target ReturnedDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Dead Angle11 - Dead AngleDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Touchdown12 - TouchdownDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Cross Angle13 - Cross AngleDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Deadly Shadow of the Setting Sun14 - Deadly Shadow of the Setting SunDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Eva Heads Toward the Ocean15 - Eva Heads Toward the OceanDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Saint That Reeks of Death16 - The Saint That Reeks of DeathDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Afterglow17 - AfterglowDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Steinbeck the Third18 - Steinbeck the ThirdDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Glass Fortress19 - The Glass FortressDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Melancholy Summer20 - Melancholy SummerDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Garimpeiro21 - GarimpeiroDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Indian Summer22 - Indian SummerDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Jet Stream23 - Jet StreamDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Santa Ana24 - Santa AnaDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Florida Chase25 - Florida ChaseDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Cold-Blooded Catherine26 - Cold-Blooded CatherineDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Fearless27 - FearlessDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Midnight Sun Means Sighs of Love28 - The Midnight Sun Means Sighs of LoveDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Casting29 - CastingDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Love is a Knife30 - Love is a KnifeDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Angry Waves31 - Angry WavesDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • A Crossover of Murderous Intent32 - A Crossover of Murderous IntentDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Wine of Renown33 - Wine of RenownDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Night of the Murder34 - Night of the MurderDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Law of Lineage35 - The Law of LineageDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Outmoded Livery36 - Outmoded LiveryDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Christmas, 24 Hours37 - Christmas, 24 HoursDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Young Girl Sara38 - Young Girl SaraDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Ash's Greatest Day39 - Ash's Greatest DayDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • A Banquet for Brutes40 - A Banquet for BrutesDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Night Fog of Petticoat Lane41 - The Night Fog of Petticoat LaneDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Above Largemouth Lake42 - Above Largemouth LakeDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Blank Request43 - The Blank RequestDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Rockford's Ambitions44 - Rockford's AmbitionsDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • One Second Among 36,00045 - One Second Among 36,000Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • End-of-the-Century Hollywood46 - End-of-the-Century HollywoodDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Lingering Night47 - The Lingering NightDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Black Pupils, Ebony Eyes48 - Black Pupils, Ebony EyesDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Armored Soldier SDR249 - Armored Soldier SDR2Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • The Skill’ of Angels and Devils50 - The Skill’ of Angels and DevilsDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • EXTRA: TrailerEXTRA: TrailerDubbed[Guest]
  • EXTRA: Season 2 TrailerEXTRA: Season 2 TrailerDubbed[Guest]
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