Ghost Hound

In an isolated region of Kyushu lies the town of Suiten.  Though seeming small and modest, Suiten is not a picturesque place for a vacation, unless it is from the “Unseen World”.  Taro, Makoto and Masayuki, three boys with traumatic pasts, learn to let their souls cross between the two parallel worlds.  However, the Unseen World is no mere copy of the real Apparent World.  The Unseen World is the home of ghosts, but changes are now allowing the souls of the dead to pass over into the Apparent World with unpredictable effects.  Follow the journey of Taro, Makoto and Masayuki, as they cross between the two worlds, trying to unravel a great mystery.

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  • Lucid Dream1 - Lucid DreamDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing2 - EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Rep...Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Phobia Exposure3 - Phobia ExposureDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Altered States of Consciousness4 - Altered States of ConsciousnessDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • OBE – Out of Body Experience5 - OBE – Out of Body ExperienceDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Brain Homunculus6 - Brain HomunculusDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • LTP – Long Term Potentiation7 - LTP – Long Term PotentiationDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Revolution of Limbic System8 - Revolution of Limbic SystemDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Existential Ghosts9 - Existential GhostsDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Affordance/T.F.T. - Thought Field Therapy10 - Affordance/T.F.T. - Thought Field TherapyDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Syntax Error11 - Syntax ErrorDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Homeostasis Synchronization12 - Homeostasis SynchronizationDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.13 - For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.Dubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Emergence Matrix14 - Emergence MatrixDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Toward an Abandoned City15 - Toward an Abandoned CityDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Hopeful Monster16 - Hopeful MonsterDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Implicate Order17 - Implicate OrderDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Holographic Paradigm18 - Holographic ParadigmDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Negentropy19 - NegentropyDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Shaman's District20 - Shaman's DistrictDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Stochastic Resonance21 - Stochastic ResonanceDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • Passage22 - PassageDubbed[Premium] Subtitled[Guest]
  • EXTRA: TrailerEXTRA: TrailerSubtitled[Guest]
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