Wednesday Wabi-Sabi Presents: Prefectural Earth Defense Force

Posted by: Rai | July 25, 2012



Each week we feature a classic anime series from the AN vaults that we're sure will bring back nostalgia for some, and introduce others to an awesome show that was lost, looked over, or never finished. Keep an eye out for this week's dose of Wabi-Sabi at Anime Network Online, and help us ring in our 10 Year Anniversary!

Prefectural Earth Defense Force

The nefarious Phone Pole Team has one goal—world conquest. However, this has proven difficult, so they're revising their strategy and taking over the world one prefecture at a time. When the mayor's office of their current target learns of their plans, they recruit every member of the high school baseball team (all three of 'em) to combat this threat. Our heroes must contend with Faceless Minions(tm), rampaging cyborgs, desperate attempts at undercover work, and perhaps even a touch of romance, all in their efforts to protect their neighborhood...and justify the stipend given to them by the city council.

Available on AN Online in Japanse with English Subtitles

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Rating: TV-14