The Book of Bantorra Contest:  Play Today and Win!

Posted by: Rai | May 18, 2012




The week is finally over, and now would be a good time to hunker down and watch Book of Bantorra.  Why, you ask?  Well, we've got a little contest running this month, and watching the first 6 eps. of Bantorra might just see you with a shiny new prize to gush over.


Entering the giveaway is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Watch Book of Bantorra episodes 1 - 6.  The episodes included are:

Ep. 1 - Bombs, Books and a Sinking Ship

Ep. 2 - Bombs, a Princess and A Gray Town

Ep. 3 - Bombs, Humans and a God of Death's Disease

Ep. 4 - The Setting Sun, Shiron and Colio

Ep. 5 - A Betrayal, a Cup and a Meandering Path

• Ep. 6 - Thunder, a Monster and a Girl's Punch


2. Log in and visit this page to answer a question about each of the six episodes listed.

3.     Between July 2 and July 7, visit Anime Network® to see if you are one of the lucky winners to receive the Book of Bantorra DVD or prize!










See this page for full Contest and Rules




Bits & Pieces


•  Inu x Boku SS is now ending it's run on Anime Network Online.  Make sure to watch the entire series if you haven't yet, it's awesome!  We'll have more shows on the way to replace the empty slot soon!


Sentai Filmworks announced its August anime release schedule this week.  Among them is newcomer Soubi Yamamoto's This Boy Can Fight Aliens. Check this post for more info on what's coming down the pipeline.


Sentai also formally announced Cluster Edge, a title that a Sentai rep mentioned at a recent convention as being licensed.


Anime Cover Art Releases This Week: This Boy Can Fight Aliens, Parasite Dolls, Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden Ultimate Collection, Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden - I'm Home!, Koihime Muso Ultimate Collection, The World God Only Knows Season 2 Collection, K-ON!! Season 2 Collection 2








Anime Network Online:  New This Week



Friday May 18

[Watch] A-Channel  ep. 8 - New Term - Abnormal Circumstance

[Watch] Akikan! ep. 6 - Deeply Touched! Humans and Akikans!

[Watch] Book of Bantorra ep. 3 - Bombs, Humans and the God of Death's Disease

[Watch] ef~A Tale of Melodies ep. 6 - flection

[Watch] Infinite Stratos ep. 8 - Find out my Mind

[Watch] Mysterious Girlfriend X ep. 2 - Mysterious Bond

[Watch] Polyphonica Crimson S ep. 6 - Twin Souls ~ Affettuoso

[Watch] Rozen Maiden Traumend ep. 7 - Tea Party

[Watch] Sakura Wars ep. 15 - Sakura's Return to her Homeland

[Watch] Someday's Dreamers ep. 4 - A Summer Night & a Mage

Saturday May 19

[Coming Soon] Listen to Me Girls ep. 11 - You're not there when i want you to be...

[Coming Soon] Medaka Box ep. 3 - Box 3:  None of your Business!


Sunday May 20

[Coming Soon] Familiar of Zero F ep. 8 - Escape Through the Sewer

[Coming Soon] Kids on the Slope ep. 2 - Summertime

Monday May 21

[Coming Soon] Inu x Boku SS ep. 12 - The Day We Came Together (FINALE!)

[Coming Soon] Tsuritama ep. 2 - The Frustrating Uni Knot


Tuesday May 22

[Coming Soon] Waiting in the Summer ep. 10 - Senpai and our...

[Coming Soon] Bodacious Space Pirates ep. 15 - Smuggling, Leaving Port, and a Big Jump!


Wednesday May 23

[Coming Soon] Dusk Maiden of Amnesia ep. 3 - Maiden of Dusk

[Coming Soon] Upotte!! ep. 3 - Wash and Scrub!

[Coming Soon] Phi Brain ep. 32 -


Thursday May 24

[Coming Soon] Queen's Blade: Rebellion ep. 2 - The Sacred War


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